10 Motorola Android Phones In 10 months


A few weeks ago we pointed out an article on Investopedia where an “analyst” claimed 10 Android Phones would be announced by Motorola at Mobilize 2009. That claim was obviously false as only ONE phone was announced – the Motorola CLIQ. I suppose you could say two if you included the Motorola DEXT but cmon, they’re the same phone.

Different analyst, different time frame, same rumor. This time it is Trip Chowdhry from Global Equities Research making the call, saying Motorola plans to launch at least 10 Android Phones in the next 6 to 10 months. Last time around we slightly shunned the source by assuming they meant the 10 was in regards to the Mobilize 2009 “portfolio” Motorola was slated to announced but perhaps we hastily applied his research to our burning question. Maybe he meant 10 Androids in 6 to 10 months as well?


Does it make sense? I think so. Motorola has openly admitted that Android is going to be their primary focus moving forward so producing 10 new phones in this time frame isn’t a ridiculous notion, especially when we’ve already got the CLIQ/DEXT announced, Sholes coming soon and both the Calgary and Heron in the hole. I think 10 might be a stretch but if you count that CLIQ/DEXT as 2 and assume that a couple will end up on the chopping block, you’re looking at a conservative 5-7 isn’t an impossible feat.

Apparently some people disagree. For example Stefan Constantinescu from IntoMobile basically called Trip Chowdhry a crackhead, claiming he used large amounts of cocaine and marijuana before making this statement. Maybe someone accidentally laced my Egg McMuffin with something similar because while its admittedly an optimistic reach, I don’t see it as impossible. I think 5 is more realistic but… I’m not about to call someone a drug addict over it.

Except for the first commenter on this article. They are clearly on drugs. Speed to be exact.


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  1. any number greater than what they have out currently would be nice.

  2. @De…crackhead ;)

  3. I have my doubts that we’ll see 10 Android phones from Motorola in the next 10 months. Unless you count different versions of a handset on different carriers, it’s almost impossible. When the HTC Tattoo ships, it will be their 4th Android phone in 12 months. I just don’t see it happening.

  4. It all depends when Motorola started working on their portfolio of new Androiod phones.

    Remember that Motorola is founding member of the Open Handset Alliance which started in Nov 2007.

    So say they started around that time and planned lots of different form factors, lots of the different levels of power and ability, to suit different frequency bands and different price points.

    Then they hired 350 android developers. Remember that they already had lots of experience with Java and also with touch screens in (mostly in Asia).

    Now they have announced the first of those fruits of their labor: the Morrison/CLIQ to be soon followed by the Sholes/????

    So lets wait to see what else comes off their pipeline.
    I am excited !

  5. 10 binary = decimal 2…

  6. Cliq sucks, the screen is so cluttered, who the hell wants to twitter all day till Sunday or make entries in Facebook all day long?
    The constant updates will drive the battery to the ground.

  7. Why do people keep saying the Cliq screen is cluttered when it is customizable? I just don’t get it!!!

  8. @macj

    surely neither you or me would want to be on facebook all day. for crying out loud, im not even sure what twitter is. BUT the fact of the matter is that generation y, these little bastards that aren’t disciplined and run around with $300 phones, do want that.

    so even though you believe the “cliq sucks”, motorola intended their aim at the 12 year old slut about two houses down from you that cant wait to update her facebook status with 50 cent’s: “I’ll take you to the candy shop; Boy one taste of what I got”

    *internet high five*

  9. Why the Motorola hate?

    Here’s what Engadget said about the Moto Cliq :

    “UI is definitely faster than any factory ROM we’ve used before on any Android device. The device feels absolutely fantastic overall. Pictures don’t do it justice… feels like it’s fashioned from a solid block of metal. The keyboard feels great. Truly stellar, actually[…]”

    We all have questions. Lets just wait for a full review.

    I want to see how well the fully compliant web browser works and how they have implemented zooming and clicking on links.

    One thing I know, is that it will have a key feature that many iPhones lack, that is the bluetooth profile AVRCP, so you can use BT headphones controls for next/previous track.

    Just take a look at the specs:

    Okay, it is not an iPhone killer, but it can multi-task! For the iPhone killer, wait for the phone codenamed “Sholes”.

  10. The cliq looks to be a really good phone. And scholes looks great. If it delivers what it promises, it will be everything I’ve been looking for in an iPhone, but Apple hasn’t delivered. But what a shame it will be exclusive to verizon. That’s a deal-breaker for me.

    So count me in line for the cliq on the day of it’s release. …Unless word leaks of a better Android option on t-mobile before then.

  11. i agree with the engadget article. had a chance to check out a cliq the other day. it is FAST. also feels nice to hold with a very nice keyboard. very easy to type (way more so than my BB). blur was a little cluttered, but it was a “stock” version. i like the gray more than the white (pearl), but both looked nice. narrower, thicker, and shorter than an iPhone. FB on blur is a tad faster than the iPhone FB app. also, blur updates FB profile pics in your address book for contacts with FB accounts (not sure if it works with myspace/twitter).

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