Xperia X3 Unboxed And Beautiful


There are plenty of people eagerly awaiting the Sony Ericsson Xperia X3 – including us – but at least ONE person out there already has it.  A bunch of photos from various sources have popped up on the interwebz this morning including both a White Xperia X3 and Black Xperia X3. The pictures below come from 3 different sources:

  1. SE-nse forums
  2. Mobile-Nova (translated to English)
  3. 3Dexport.com


Rob Jackson
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  1. that phone is sexy……….. :P

  2. cant wait!

  3. Why did I have to get a hero? This phoen looks sweet.

  4. must…have….one…

  5. …And I jizz in my pants

  6. p.s., the first photos have been around for ages (they are fake 3D renders) – the second unbox photos i haven’t seen and look pretty real

  7. Rob, any guess as to which carrier is getting this phone? And of course, WHEN?

  8. “some1” needs to get a girlfriend ….

  9. Wow what can i say….the only problem is SE phones are always released late.

  10. Dayam…that phone looks so awesome. I’m going to upgrade my Hero to this as soon as that is available!!

  11. The phone looks very sexy. I just hope it runs silk smooth (should do on the 1GHz Snapdragon processor!!).

  12. Yeah, the first pictures are obviously the renders given the location of the status icons in the task bar at the top, but the fuzzy “real” pictures look accurate. Looking forward to paying $199 contract price for it? hint hint? please? :-D

  13. 1GHz + awesome big screen!

    I’M SOLD!!!

  14. does it have uma?

  15. if only it had a flash for the camera. this phone looks great.

  16. Phone looks great. But since Sony was going all out, why wouldn’t they put a flash on the camera?

  17. The white “unboxing” ones sure look fake. Why go to the length of taking 3 photos with the handset just slightly moved around but nothing else? Notice how ths phone is always seen from afar, and isn’t there something weird about it standing upright (the same position in every picture) even in front of a computer? What about the screen of the thing, or the fact we don’t see the box art? If you open the three “box” pictures in your browser and switch between them, you’ll see it’s the same exact picture apart from the placement of the handset. Fake, I say.

  18. KBlack- …I think you’re right.

  19. Where is the hardware keyboard? Cmon.

  20. It’s almost sure it’s a fake: I own a SE phone and i’m sure the dark-grey cable in the white box is an usb connector with the SE standard plug. That should be obvious, if it was not the X3 who is supposed to have a mini-usb port.

  21. just saw the mobile nova site suggest it does have an LED flash.

    If this is the case, this is definitely the Android phone to get… in my opinion of course.

  22. It sure is fake, in the third of the box pictures the phone is smaller than in the two before. Still an awesome looking phone though!

  23. DO WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why are none of the sites listing the internal memory on this device tho???

  24. renderers (ray-materials, Mental-Ray and simple Scanline (fast render) materials in separate scenes.
    Non-Scanline scenes with included pre-configured lighting, environment and GI settings)

    and fake photochopes!

  25. i’d give my firstborn for this

  26. i just ordered my hero, but when its out sometime this year or early next year… i’ll trade for sure…

  27. @Rocky

    Too late, already got a wife. Sex finishes after that.

  28. @some1: I thought it was an SNL skit reference and thought it was hilarious.

    Oh, the phone is pretty sweet too, maybe something they could use in the X-series walkman too?

  29. Why make a fake photo and then screw it up by making two other with the same source photo?

    Now everybody knows they’re fake.

    If the renders didn’t have the exact same image on the screen they’d be more believable as well.

    I want this thing nonetheless.

  30. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :) The 4 Unboxing ones are fakifakedyfake0riz0red as hell xD

  31. Anyone else think the row of hard buttons look IMPOSSIBLE to reach? It’s a 4″ screen and the buttons are on about 1/16″ from the very bottom of the phone….Hopefully the OS skin turns out to be functional rather than just pretty. Ahem like HTC sense.

  32. on closer inspection, unboxing does look fake .. my bad

  33. This looks shopped. I can tell from the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time


    If you cycle between the 3 photos, you can see they have the same original shots, but the BOTTOM-RIGHT CORNER changes on every picture!

    They ERASED the logo of another site! Mobile-nova.com is a faked fraud! LMAO!!!!!!!

  35. I thought all android phones had to have either a trackball or a d-pad, or have I made that up?

  36. kickass phone of the 21ST century

  37. great specs…luv to see it come out soon but worried bout the price…the x2 is around $1,000. i’m afraid the this might be in that price range

  38. Oh God, who did someone play with us, is really fake, I cant believe it

  39. Designphone! Is there keyboard? X2 has keyb. but maybe beacouse of the terrrrrible WM OS the X2 need it.

  40. suck a beatiful phone thrown into a doughnut box with all accessories? comeon, u fake brains..

  41. Act 1, Scene 1 iPhone [peering over next stall]: WHOA THATS HUGE!

  42. sexy phone as usual from SE

  43. Looks exactly like X10 is this a joke?

  44. lol its x10

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