Sprint HTC Hero Pre-Orders Start At Best Buy September 13th?


The fact that the HTC Hero will eventually arrive on Sprint is pretty much regarded as fact these days. The timeframe is more often debated but EngadgetMobile received an anonymous tip suggesting that Best Buy Mobile will begin taking orders for the phone starting on September 13th (SKU 9510013).


They could begin pre-orders at Best Buy with actual in-store device arrival/launch still occurring in the long-rumored October time frame. Perhaps Sprint struck a deal to get the ball rolling shortly after the Motorola announcement? Up to now we’ve mainly focused on Android and the competition between other platforms. Its amazingly exciting that pretty soon we’ll be talking about enough Android’s to fuel an inter-droid competition discussion for days. Sprint could also launch the Samsung InstinctQ with the Hero so we could also be looking at intra-carrier droidal conflict!

Remember… this is only a rumor from an anonymous tipster so don’t get carried away.

[Thanks Abraham!]

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  1. Nice! It’s good to see another Android coming to America!

  2. The FCC approved a GSM version of the Hero on the 850 & 1900 mHz bands. Will that be released for another carrier at the same time this CDMA version will come out for Sprint? Will HTC not release a phone that the FCC has accepted already?

    When can I get a Hero that will work on my stupid AT&T 3G network?!

  3. T-Mobile has done a great job bringing Android devices to market, but it will still be nice to have other operators offering Android devices.

    More devices = More apps = More devices = More apps = EXPLOSION!

  4. this news sounds a little fishy… because it turns out Sept the 13th is SUNDAY!!!!

  5. I’m still not getting my hopes up about this phone coming to Sprint until I see a official announcement from Sprint. I’ve been let down by internet speculation and rumors before. But if it does happen my contract with T-Mo is up in Nov. So it will be goodbye T-Mo, hello Sprint (I hope you work well where I live).

  6. This is exciting !! I’m getting tingly all over lol j/k … but no really I’m getting tingly. These next few months will hopefully be rife with launch dates. ANDROID TAKE OVER !!!!! Did I mention I’m excited. Sorry Rob I’m getting carried away…

  7. I know how you feel David, I keep checking back about 3 or 4 times a day just for some news to feed by need for android and as I read more and more I want it even more, not a day has gone by in the past month that I am not asking myself what carrier am I going to go with, Sprint with the Hero or Verizon with there new Android phone. So many questions and it all is about Android, just typing this is getting me all worked up, I need to stop.

  8. Exciting news but I wish it was more than just Sprint getting the phone.

    What I really want to know is why does U.S. Cellular lag so far behind in offering any good phones??? And, will an andriod phone ever make it to their offering list??

  9. @jMat: Best Buy has a tendency of launching big sales on Sundays, just look at their weekly ad fliers…

    @ RMF: I know how you feel, I had USC for the longest time but switched to T-mobile for the phone selection. A friend of mine who works for them also says that they have no plans to get an Android phone which goes along with their short-sightedness in improving their network (i.e. their decision to not move forward with LTE).

  10. >”why does U.S. Cellular lag so far behind in offering any good phones”<

    I think this is because cellphones are subsidized by the carriers here in the USA. They give them away cheaply (relatively) but tie you in for 1 or 2 years in a contract. Of course, they are not charity orginazations, so the actual price of the phone is part of your monthly bill.

    In other parts of the worlds, phones are much less subsidized. You have to buy your own. But then you won’t be locked into contracts.

    If consumers have the choice instead of a few carriers, you can expect fancier phones to come out and to be marketed.

    At least, this is my opinion … :-)

  11. Looking for some speculation:

    Will Sprint require a “Simply Everything” plan? I’m hoping I can just go with Everything Data + 450 minutes, but there is history here, right?

    Price: +/- $200?

  12. man I can’t wait. this is going to be a awesome phone. this will definetly get those tmobile customers peeking over to the sprint side and wondering why didn’t we get the hero.

  13. I have a best buy mobile a mere 2 blocks away from my house. This is the best (rumored) news I’ve heard all week.

  14. Will it work on SERO?!?!

  15. I just got the Pre but if this is true I might add another line to my account for this device.

  16. @ Sizzler

    My sentiments exactly, You and me both in Nov!!!

  17. i cant wait for this phone to come but sorry guys my friend works at best buy and that is a fake sku =(

  18. This is not true as Hero is I asked a Sprint rep and he was like wtf you talking about. Ohhh well I got a T-mobile G1 running Hero on it i will post some pics tomorrow

  19. @ Anton S:
    U.S. Cellular is the major carrier in the Upper Midwest – They are a subsidiary of TDS Telecom based out of Chicago and probably provide the best coverage in the Madison, WI area. Their newest phone offerings (2009) were also released by Verizon back in 2007/2008. Talk about being behind in the times…
    @ Carlos: Good to know. I was planning to go to a USC Kiosk this weekend and ask but now I will go by Sprint’s. I had Sprint 10 years ago out East and use to get killed on roaming charges. Sprint’s coverage map does not look good in lower WI but maybe they have more partner agreements in place now to prevent roaming charges.


  21. I work at Geeksquad at Best Buy in Citrus Park, Florida. I put in the sku above and it indeed is true. The BBY Mobile people didnt even know that the Hero was coming to Sprint. Sku rings up “Spring presell HTC Hero” for $50

  22. Sprint, not spring sorry guys

  23. I work at best buy…just so happen to be there right now. This sku is for an LG prepaid phone in my system. Sorry guys but the sku is a fake. Honestly I want this phone to go AT&T or at least multiple carriers.

  24. I can confirm the SKU does indeed work as “PRESELL SPRINT HTC HERO” and the pre-order is $50 but also forces the issue of a $50 BB Gift Card. I preordered mine today.

  25. Ric L.. what do you mean by forces the issue of a $50 gift card? I want to pre order it, so maybe posting this is pointless lol.

    PS – If I do, am I going to be able to transfer my att numbers over?

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