Aug 27th, 2009

The fact that the HTC Hero will eventually arrive on Sprint is pretty much regarded as fact these days. The timeframe is more often debated but EngadgetMobile received an anonymous tip suggesting that Best Buy Mobile will begin taking orders for the phone starting on September 13th (SKU 9510013).


They could begin pre-orders at Best Buy with actual in-store device arrival/launch still occurring in the long-rumored October time frame. Perhaps Sprint struck a deal to get the ball rolling shortly after the Motorola announcement? Up to now we’ve mainly focused on Android and the competition between other platforms. Its amazingly exciting that pretty soon we’ll be talking about enough Android’s to fuel an inter-droid competition discussion for days. Sprint could also launch the Samsung InstinctQ with the Hero so we could also be looking at intra-carrier droidal conflict!

Remember… this is only a rumor from an anonymous tipster so don’t get carried away.

[Thanks Abraham!]

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