Aug 27th, 2009

galaxy-o2This is a little bit confusing so bear with me. Yesterday we saw some reports that the Samsung Galaxy was delayed on O2. The Galaxy had never been given a firm release date and the future of the phone looked bleak since the cause for the delay was failed device testing and glitches. From Mobile Today:

The release date of Samsung’s first Android phone, the Galaxy, is still unknown after the device failed O2’s accreditation test.

But don’t let that deter you… some existing O2 customers have actually purchased the phone directly from O2 in what is becoming a mass confusion. From accounts we’re hearing, you’ll have to be an existing O2 customer and call the specific upgrades line if you want to get lucky. Customers on the official O2 Forums explain:

On order, same costs as everyone else got. The lady initially said it wasn’t released but i mentioned i’d seen people getting it this morning and she disappeared for five mins before coming back and saying yes indeed i could order it, her system hadn’t been updated that’s all. Looking forward to talking with you all over the next few days ref our thoughts on the handset, not our thoughts on when it’s released!

You’ll have to call the specific upgrades line for which the number seems to be: +448702410202. Even then you could be met by an uninformed customer service agent who either doesn’t know its available, doesn’t have their system update or isn’t privy to whatever details they should be. Ask them to double check and/or call back and try to work with someone else!

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