HTC Hero, Samsung Q: Sprint Bound Androids October 11th?


Since way back in April we’ve heard rumors that the HTC Hero would have an October 11th launch day on Sprint. The “source” was a forum post from someone who was supposedly familiar with the matter… seemed like a long shot. But that same source is still insisting that October 11th is the day – and now he has proof:


Alright, that is a LONG way from proof. Anyone could have whipped this up in photoshop, provided it as and made some outrageous claims. But would they? Probably not. To insist on this same fact for 5 months you would have to be the world’s most bored web surfer.

The other incredibly interesting thing here is the noting of the Samsung Q! We recently heard the Samsung InstinctQ with model # M900 might pack Android and this reference to the Q is probably just what the doctor ordered.

Keep in mind that all of this comes from an XDA Forum Post so take it with a shot of tequila and a lime… and a wrist full of salt. But the closer we get to October I think the more likely this will seem and while it may not ultimately arrive on October 11th, I think October sounds about right.

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  1. I don’t see any proof that this is for SPRINT network…. =/

  2. TMO has to give us something here. This is the company that debut Android with the G1, has some of the cheapest plans but the worst 3G network in the nation in terms of speed and coverage and in my opinion, notorious for low end devices. I look at things like the iPhone, Blackberry Storm, Instinct, Palm Pre and other high powered devices and cant seem to find them on Tmobile. Then they release the G1 and sit back while other companies scoop up more powerful devices running Android like the Hero. Bugs the hell out of me.

  3. The Samsung T559 at the top .., All Google searches say that that is a T-Mobile phone.. And then we have the FCC approval for Hero that is in 3G bands that AT&T uses.. Maybe Hero will find multiple homes, who knows ? .. We just don’t know what if anything this list means..

  4. I thought that tmobile US would get the Hero because tmo UK already has it?

  5. At the Mytouch launch event in NYC and SFO, Tmobile CTO made a reference that there are no plans to bring the HTC Hero to the US market. If anything, Sprint has a long shot to sell it, but I’m not holding my breath and I wouldn’t be that happy knowing that Sprint with a so, so netwwork will be selling this great phone…it would be a sahre that no other carrier would sale the HTC Here.

  6. I hope it isn’t Sprint. I was planning to get the Hero but I travel abroad a lot and if is not compatible with international GSM networks it isn’t much use to me.
    And October 11th?! why can’t these phones come to the USA sooner? I am trying not to give in to iPhone temptation, how much longer do I have to hold out for a decent android phone?! (G1 and Magic not really doing it for me.)

  7. Tmobile launched a rehash(mytouch).they should slapped for coming out with such a stupid phone. I love watching the videos of them reviewing the mytouch.the worst part is that its the same stuff minus the keyboard. Tmobile doesn’t want to compete the competition. They just want to just say they have a phone to copmare to the iphone.instead of coming out with the htc hero and blowing away the competetion they come out with a reboxed g1 with a few trinkets. They trying to fool people with a ear piece,a carrying case and whatever else.we just want a great phone and not a damn a rehash!! Tmobile sucks for this!!I can’t wait to cancle my service despite my etf.

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