Aug 1st, 2009

Since way back in April we’ve heard rumors that the HTC Hero would have an October 11th launch day on Sprint. The “source” was a forum post from someone who was supposedly familiar with the matter… seemed like a long shot. But that same source is still insisting that October 11th is the day – and now he has proof:


Alright, that is a LONG way from proof. Anyone could have whipped this up in photoshop, provided it as and made some outrageous claims. But would they? Probably not. To insist on this same fact for 5 months you would have to be the world’s most bored web surfer.

The other incredibly interesting thing here is the noting of the Samsung Q! We recently heard the Samsung InstinctQ with model # M900 might pack Android and this reference to the Q is probably just what the doctor ordered.

Keep in mind that all of this comes from an XDA Forum Post so take it with a shot of tequila and a lime… and a wrist full of salt. But the closer we get to October I think the more likely this will seem and while it may not ultimately arrive on October 11th, I think October sounds about right.

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