Samsung InstinctQ

Last updated: Nov 16th, 2010.
Sprint has a good thing going with their exclusive line of Samsung Instinct handsets and "good" is about to get "great" as next in line is the Android-based Samsung InstinctQ (M900). The "Q" stands for QWERTY as the InstinctQ will be the first of this brand to sport a full slideout keyboard in addition to the traditional Instinct Touchscreen:

Samsung InstinctQ Open

Little is known about the Samsung InstinctQ besides what can be assumed by the above picture. Two other tiny tidbits are definite inclusion of Wi-Fi and a rumored October 11th launch date on Sprint. We'll keep this page updated as details emerge so bookmark it and check back!

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Samsung InstinctQ Passes FCC

Another obligatory hurdle has been hopped for the Samsung InstinctQ, the 4th phone in the Instinct series headed to Sprint.Ryan wrote in to tell us about the FCC spotting and we couldn’t have explained its implications any better:The only useful information is in the “HAC Production Key Feature Letter,” in which it describes the phone …

Samsung InstinctQ Pictures Leak!

When the Samsung InstinctQ was first seen getting its Wi-Fi certification, there was immediate Android speculation. With the Instinct brand the phone is obviously Sprint-bound but beyond separate release date rumors of October 11th and early November, almost nothing is known about the mysterious device… until today.An anonymous tipster performed a heroic act by hitting …

Samsung Instinct Q Coming November?

Despite the awkward absence of the Samsung Galaxy on a broad global stage, it’s easy to get excited about an Android-based version of the Samsung Instinct which is exactly what the Samsung Instinct Q is rumored to be. We’ve heard for a VERY long time that this Sprint-bound Samsung would land on October 11th but …

Samsung InstinctQ M900 Could Be Android?

First came the Samsung Instinct, heralded as a self-proclaimed iPhone killer. Although it didn’t kill the iPhone it made a for a powerful feature phone that flew off the shelves rapidly while making many owners perfectly happy. Then you had the Instinct S30, referred to by many as the Instinct Mini. Now Samsung looks to …