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SpoofApp is an application for Android, also available on other mobile operating systems, that allows you to “fake” any CallerID number when placing an outgoing call! Sounds like the perfect little prank call tool, does it not? We’re giving away 10 60-minute SpoofApp vouchers so see the bottom of this post on how you can win.

The application is incredibly easy to use, works great and it seems like it can be a real blast – I’ll definitely be putting this in my repertoire of fun things to do when I’m bored. In the below video I show you all the different features of the application, show you how it works by prank calling myself with a female voice and then do a live test… by prank calling my mom!

That didn’t go so well! I spoke to my mom shortly after and she thought it was funny after she knew what happened and how it worked, but its easy to see how this could go bad if you don’t carefully select your prey. There could be some seriously negative unintended consequences if you get carried away… so be warned.

The Man/Woman voice selection tool is pretty cool, but the results are an unrealistically low pitched voice or a super-high chipmunk sounding voice. It would be cool if you could create a sliding bar of sorts with a voice mixer and then test what the voice would sound like. Way beyond the scope of a mobile app and asking for way too much unless you’re a Jerky Boys style professional prank caller. That being said – only use the “fake” voices if you want the recipient to know that your voice is pretty obviously being masked.

The option to “share” your recorded calls is pretty awesome and you can currently publish them on Facebook or MySpace. I didn’t see an option to download them to your SD Card and that would be a welcomed feature if it doesn’t already exist.

SpoofCard is a FREE application to download from Android Market, but to utilize the service you have to purchase credits/minutes. For $10 you get an hour of SpoofApp calling which is an absolutely awesome price. Considering most of these types of calls will only last a couple minutes, you’ll have dozens of times to use SpoofApp for a measly $10 buckaroos. And if you slap down $80 you’ll be good to go for over 9 hours! That should cover the most epic of pranksters for the rest of the year.

I can think of a few other ways to utilize SpoofApp besides prank calling people but I’ll let you folks use your own imagination in terms of how SpoofApp will best fill your entertainment and educational needs. By the way I am in NO way endorsing that you prank call people and everyone should be aware of the laws in their vicinity to ensure they’re not breaking the law. I also, from a personal and moral standpoint, suggest you don’t use this app with intent to do evil, vindictive or downright mean things. Chances are it’ll end up bad for you, too.

That being said, SpoofApp is A TON of fun when used in a “all-in-good-fun” kind of way. I definitely highly recommend this application. Now that I know this is possible I’m sure the wheels in my mind will always be in motion, thinking of the perfect moments to put it into action.

!!!!!!!!!! SPOOFAPP CONTEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve got 10 SpoofApp cards to give away to Phandroid readers and members – 5 for each site. Here is how it will work:

  • Phandroid contest – leave a comment on this article (using a valid Email address) telling us how you’ll use your 60-minute spoof card. We’ll pick 5 that we like the best and they’ll each win a SpoofApp voucher! By the way… if you’re really mean/cruel with your idea, you probably won’t be selected so don’t let the little devil on your shoulder provoke you TOO much.
  • – Member loyalty contest. We like to reward members who contribute, help others and really become a part of the Android conversation and dialogue. If you haven’t already joined AndroidForums you can sign up here. The same exact rules apply but only members with 100+ posts will be considered – reply to THIS THREAD to be eligible. We’ll continue to have contests that reward loyal AF members so start contributing today!

Entries will be accepted for about 24 hours… so the official cut off date is August 27th at 5PM East Coast USA time. At that point I’ll update this post and the AF thread with the winners, close comments on both and contact the winners via EMail. If the winners don’t respond in a timely fashion then I’ll contact the runners up.


Hope you all had as much fun reading this post as I had writing it! Check out their website at!