Prank Calling My Mom with SpoofApp (CONTEST!)



SpoofApp is an application for Android, also available on other mobile operating systems, that allows you to “fake” any CallerID number when placing an outgoing call! Sounds like the perfect little prank call tool, does it not? We’re giving away 10 60-minute SpoofApp vouchers so see the bottom of this post on how you can win.

The application is incredibly easy to use, works great and it seems like it can be a real blast – I’ll definitely be putting this in my repertoire of fun things to do when I’m bored. In the below video I show you all the different features of the application, show you how it works by prank calling myself with a female voice and then do a live test… by prank calling my mom!

That didn’t go so well! I spoke to my mom shortly after and she thought it was funny after she knew what happened and how it worked, but its easy to see how this could go bad if you don’t carefully select your prey. There could be some seriously negative unintended consequences if you get carried away… so be warned.

The Man/Woman voice selection tool is pretty cool, but the results are an unrealistically low pitched voice or a super-high chipmunk sounding voice. It would be cool if you could create a sliding bar of sorts with a voice mixer and then test what the voice would sound like. Way beyond the scope of a mobile app and asking for way too much unless you’re a Jerky Boys style professional prank caller. That being said – only use the “fake” voices if you want the recipient to know that your voice is pretty obviously being masked.

The option to “share” your recorded calls is pretty awesome and you can currently publish them on Facebook or MySpace. I didn’t see an option to download them to your SD Card and that would be a welcomed feature if it doesn’t already exist.

SpoofCard is a FREE application to download from Android Market, but to utilize the service you have to purchase credits/minutes. For $10 you get an hour of SpoofApp calling which is an absolutely awesome price. Considering most of these types of calls will only last a couple minutes, you’ll have dozens of times to use SpoofApp for a measly $10 buckaroos. And if you slap down $80 you’ll be good to go for over 9 hours! That should cover the most epic of pranksters for the rest of the year.

I can think of a few other ways to utilize SpoofApp besides prank calling people but I’ll let you folks use your own imagination in terms of how SpoofApp will best fill your entertainment and educational needs. By the way I am in NO way endorsing that you prank call people and everyone should be aware of the laws in their vicinity to ensure they’re not breaking the law. I also, from a personal and moral standpoint, suggest you don’t use this app with intent to do evil, vindictive or downright mean things. Chances are it’ll end up bad for you, too.

That being said, SpoofApp is A TON of fun when used in a “all-in-good-fun” kind of way. I definitely highly recommend this application. Now that I know this is possible I’m sure the wheels in my mind will always be in motion, thinking of the perfect moments to put it into action.

!!!!!!!!!! SPOOFAPP CONTEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve got 10 SpoofApp cards to give away to Phandroid readers and members – 5 for each site. Here is how it will work:

  • Phandroid contest – leave a comment on this article (using a valid Email address) telling us how you’ll use your 60-minute spoof card. We’ll pick 5 that we like the best and they’ll each win a SpoofApp voucher! By the way… if you’re really mean/cruel with your idea, you probably won’t be selected so don’t let the little devil on your shoulder provoke you TOO much.
  • – Member loyalty contest. We like to reward members who contribute, help others and really become a part of the Android conversation and dialogue. If you haven’t already joined AndroidForums you can sign up here. The same exact rules apply but only members with 100+ posts will be considered – reply to THIS THREAD to be eligible. We’ll continue to have contests that reward loyal AF members so start contributing today!

Entries will be accepted for about 24 hours… so the official cut off date is August 27th at 5PM East Coast USA time. At that point I’ll update this post and the AF thread with the winners, close comments on both and contact the winners via EMail. If the winners don’t respond in a timely fashion then I’ll contact the runners up.


Hope you all had as much fun reading this post as I had writing it! Check out their website at!

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. So if i won that spoof card i would probably call random people and do some funny prankcalls, also i would call my parents with the man voice thing when im not home and tell them that im at the hospital, just for a little laugh lol.

  2. I’ll use it to make the first prank call…since I’m first to post a reply!

  3. very funny! someone’s in trouble!!!

  4. Need to file complaints where anonymity is not kept.
    SpoofApp will be perfect as no one will recognize my voice :)

  5. Hilarious :D

  6. If I were to win one of these cards, I’d probably use it to send people calls from themselves, or from someone they’re with who clearly isn’t using a phone.

    Person 1: Oh, wait someone’s calling m- …it’s you.
    Person 2: …No it’s not.

    Even better, I’d call people as their parents, telling them to pick up some random items on the way home.

    “Martin? It’s your mother. I need you to do me a favor; on the way home, I need you to pick up some Brachs candy corn, a DVD of Die Hard, a 10-pack of Pampers, three cans of Mountain Dew, preferrably with dents in the bottom, a set of plastic cups, a pack of dry erase markers, Professor Layton & The Diabolical Box, Space Jam on VHS…”

  7. I’ll use it to make a prank call on a friend that pranked me last week.

  8. My boss will receive a call from himself, from the future.

  9. I’ve already reserved a winning spot for Josh. HAHAHAHAH that’s hilarious. If you actually do that and record it you would be my hero for life.

  10. Darn…I guess I wasn’t first so…I’ll have to come up with something better.

    Ok, my friend believes in aliens. I’ll make him REALLY believe in them! He might even get an invitation to the middle of a field in the middle of the night where he will “get to actually meet one of…us…” :)

  11. I’m gonna call my friend and pretend to be his girlfriend and ask him to buy me some xxl tampons from the drug store….and some cat food and chains…to make it really awkward…

  12. I would use the app to prank call my sister at work, being an annoying customer (she has caller id). She did it to me once and I’d love to FINALLY get pay back!!

  13. I would call my sister-in-law (she’s not real bright) from her own cell phone number and hang up each as soon as she answers. Eventually she’ll get fed up with the hangups and call the number back, only to get her own voicemail!

  14. I’d prank call a SpoofApp support person, to see if they could pick out the generated voices.

  15. I vote for Josh! However make sure you are good at imperenating your boss’s voice/speech habbets.

  16. well actually, the phone call you make with this tool could actually be the lead up to the prank, not the prank itself.

    like the old “mr lyon” phone message where you provide the phone number for the zoo. a lot less suspicious whenn ppl see it in their call log :)

    btw – i’m not in the runing for the prize, i don’t even have an android yet

  17. With the minutes I would prank call my exgirlfriend, whose a whore, pretend to be her doctor and tell her she has syphillis or somethin lol

  18. If I won then I would use the prize for the following …
    I actually know a couple who have started dating recently very closely and they are kinda angry with each other over a silly matter. Their egos are preventing them from patching up the relationship fast, i.e each of them waiting to for the other to own up. Anyways I would like to play cupid for them by calling each of them up and owning up from both sides :)
    I know they would eventually get to know about this, but its gonna be fun and I know they too will have a laugh about it and hopefully they will get closer after this :)

  19. I used this app a while back with free demo credits … to call my friend who was on probation for a DWI violation and at the bar, from his parole officer’s number. It was so loud he couldn’t really recognize that the voice was modified and I gave him a good 45 seconds of freaking out trying to explain what the music and choruses of “shots!” was in the background. Priceless, especially the look on his face of relief when I told him it was a prank. Then bought him a shot and made sure someone sober drove him home. He didn’t go to a bar for the rest of his probation … lesson learned and cheap drinking at his place instead =)

  20. Okay I would call my brother (prank the siblings for old times sake) posing as an IRS agent! I’d let him know that there were quite a few inconsistencies with his tax returns and that if he doesn’t correct them soon…he will face “serious consequences.” HAHAHA

  21. I’ll use it to cuss my probation officer out.

  22. This is exactly what I would do… See, my friend and I know this girl we met at the club… We both talk to her, but my friend is trying to get serious with her… I would call him from “her phone” and pretend to be in her bathroom… I’d have him guess where I’m at and what I just did! And I bet he will never speak to her again! But well worth the laugh nonetheless… Haha!

  23. I thought I had a fairly opriginal idea, but it seems a lot of others had the same thoughts.

    I have a rather gullible friend, lets call her K, who doesn’t really question things that may seem ridiculous to others.

    Well I would call K using her own cellphone number as the caller ID (That’s the unoriginal part of the plan), and I would tell her that I was herself from the future, 5 and a half years to be exact, of course explaining that a new technology had come out to send electronic signals (such as cell phone calls) back in time. She’d believe it, and she’s a CS major, so she’d understand the underlying concept of it. I would tell her that that day (in modern time) is the day that I (as myself, not K) was offered a job position at a leading research company, and through this job, I helped create the technology to make such phone calls, but what we didn’t know was that the technology was slowly ripping a hole in the spacetime continueum and needed to be undone. She would need to stop me from accepting the possition at all costs!

    Then of course she would call me. I’d be all excited and tell her about my new job offer, and so on…the hillariousness would then eventually pursue as no one believes her.

  24. LOL Thanks Rob! I’ll do it and record it too! I got the idea from an episode of The Office. Jim sent a fax to dwight from himself, from the future! I love that episode!

  25. One more thing I’d do:

    I have a friend who sucks at talking to girls, while I on the other hand can do it quite naturally. I would get a girls number and when I call, I would use my friend’s number as my caller ID.

    Not the most fun idea, but a good one for helping out a friend.

  26. I’d call as Michael Jackson from the future to his insurance company and tell them that I (Akston) am now the sole proprietor of his estate.

  27. LOL, Akston, you do realize that he was $250 million in debt right?

  28. i’d call all of the iPhone fan boy site as if i was Steve Jobs (apple CEO) saying that the new “iPhone 4gts” with 3D display (which you need the 3d glasses for) is due out before xmas – just to see how far the rumour would go

  29. Ah no i put in the wrong email!!!! this has my correct one on.

  30. I’d call all of the iPhone fan boy site as if i was Steve Jobs (apple CEO) saying that the new “iPhone 4gts” with 3D display (which you need the 3d glasses for) is due out before xmas – just to see how far the rumour would go

  31. This looks amazing!!! I would love to use this, the posibilities would be endless…. haha.

  32. I’d call Bill Gates and Steve Jobs from Eric Schmidt’s phone number, and try to arrange a free-for-all mma match :)

  33. I’d call a radiostation and would prank them live :)

  34. I would call my mom and say it’s her calling herself, then I would mimic everything see says….. But in the deep man voice lol!

  35. I’d call my work and act like I was this one guy who always gives us in IT a hard time, and hopefully make his life a little more “colorful.”

  36. i would call my friend with a french accent to tell him that his macbook pro is finally ready that he ordered half a year ago from the apple hotline where they only spoke horrible english with a french accent. i did that already half a year ago and he never found out about the prank…
    or a recession prank where i would leave the office, call some colleagues inside the office and tell them that the company is bancrupt and they could go home now. then i watch their reaction through the window.

  37. I’d call Pizza Hut from Domino’s number and put in an order for five mediums–extra cheese.

  38. haha MOMS lol


    well if i won the first thing i would do is prank my mom to see what happens and after that i would practice my voice by
    using the women app and then prank her again but EVEN BETTER LOL and cool hope i get chosen PHANDROID

  39. Would call Microsoft Support with Sonys nucmber and say” hey umm i have a complaint none of my psp games work on my Xbox whats up with that, also Nintendo 64 games dont work either wat kind of system is this” lol
    Ill see wat reatcion they would get!

  40. I’d call my ridiculously jealous girlfriend using the “female voice” and pretend to be some ghetto chick I’m secretly cheating on her with and see how mad she gets. I’d tell her to meet me somewhere to fight and record her on camera if she actually showed up lol.

    Ah, true love lmao

  41. My ex wife ran off with my kids and is hiding them away from me. She never answers my calls. I would use spoof app to make it appear as if she is getting a call from a near by business or residence, She’ll answer then because she only refuses my calls. When she does answer I have a better chance of at least being able to talk with my kids.

  42. I would call my colleague as our boss and invite him to explain me why he is all day playing Solitaire instead of work ;o)

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