T-Mobile MyTouch 3G Now Available!


The T-Mobile G1 is no longer the lone Android Phone on T-Mobile USA…. or in the USA for that matter (save the Google Ion).You can now purchase the MyTouch 3G Online (T-MobileMyTouch.com) or walk right into a T-Mo retail store and scoop it up.


Existing T-Mobile customers have been able to pre-order the device since early July, but new customers have had to wait until now to get their hands on the American equivalent of the HTC Magic. For $199 on a 2-year contract you’ll be getting all that Android goodness with a 3.2MP camera, 3G connectivity, Wi-Fi, GPS and everything else you’;ve come to expect out if its Magical counterpart.

Don’t forget to visit our MyTouch 3G Forum by way of AndroidForums.com!

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  1. I would have got this phone if it had came out looong time ago… It was a long time in coming here in the US. But many good phones came out while waiting for this phone. So now I’m going to wait for them… No 3.5mm headphone jack on this phone… come on…
    Cant wait for Samsung Galaxy

  2. After seeing the above graphic list the suggested retail price as $399 I logged into my T-Mobile.com account today just for the heck of it and was shocked to see that the price to upgrade my line (which is about 19 months into my contract) is $399. Price w/o upgrade: $499!!!

    I’m going to stop by my local store and see how much they’re selling it for without contract otherwise I’ll just wait a few weeks until the price on eBay averages $300.

  3. Good device for the touch screen fans out there. I will wait for the G1 successor to give up my G1. I just don’t like typing on the screen; just can’t type fast enough on it. But I do hope this phone will be a success because I like android and want it to shine.

  4. Can’t wait to order my black one later. :)

  5. Just picked up a white one this morning. Tough choice between that a black. First thing I noticed is that it looks much better in person than in all the photos I’ve seen. The best part was calling verizon from the tmobile store (forgot my account number so I had to ask them for switching my number over). Is there a reason for switching over he said….Um yes. sorry, but there is. lol.

  6. Q3 2009, second android phone arrives finally. that’s pathetic…what happened to 18 phones for 2009? and honestly, as much as i’ve supported HTC in the past, and as much as I support android, this phone is a poor choice.

    1. no 3.5mm jack – major flaw. can’t emphasize enough, MAJOR flaw. these phones are supposed to replace multiple devices…now i gotta use their crappy headphones, or carry an extra dongle to support my own? crap

    2. no keyboard – this is preference, but the reality is, these phones are quickly becoming laptop replacements…you need enhanced UI interface (ie. a keyboard) to make full use of their capabilities. plus, i bought my lil sis the G1 and as nice as it was to occaisionally use the onscreen keyboard when you’re lazy – trying to surf or type txts or emails is basically a joke on an onscreen keyboard.

    as much as i need a phone (i have the ATT branded HTC hermes, and it’s starting to fade quickly as it’s past the stupid 2year lifespan inherent to new phones it would seem), i’m going to wait for a better choice.

  7. Picked this up today when my store opened and its been great. I was even the first to buy one at my store so I got my picture taken with the manager haha.

  8. Picked up a “merlot” mytouch this morning. I went early thinking there would be a line out the door, but nothing. I was the first and only person in line.

    This is my first Android phone after 2+ years of the iPhone and horrible AT&T service. I must say, I’m quite impressed. Phone aside, Android is really awesome and I’m shocked by the number of apps already in the market. I think I’m most stoked about using Sky Map tonight.

    The only thing that really irks me is the headphone connection like everyone else has mentioned. Not only do I have to carry around this extra dongle, but I also can’t charge/connect my phone and use the headphones at the same time. I guess some bluetooth headphones would solve that problem.

  9. Its a rehash of the g1. Be aware before purchasing current g1 owners. Dont say i didnt warn you

  10. I got my upgrade for actually $199 and I sent that garbage back to them!!! Tmobile is so stoopid for making this choice of a phone over the Htc Hero!! I’m going to sprint soon. I’m willing to pay the etf and even more for the hero on another carrier. Tmobile messed up royally.

  11. i been with tmobile for almost 5 years only because i put so much money into the phones even tho they have the worst coverage ughhhhhh but i’m waiting for the touch pro 2 call me crazy for staying with them but tmobile is the boot leg of cell phones

  12. I purchased a My Touch on Thursday at Costco. Costco’s bonus included a bluetooth head set.

    I has a Verizon Blackberry Storm and I’m pleased to say that this phone is much better. I puechased the phone to be able to determine if the service and phone lived up to my needs and this is what I found:
    1 It picked up a signal where my storm failed.
    2 It is easier to type on than a Blackberry Storm.
    3 It was worth paying a cancellation fee to get out of
    my current contract.
    4 It is easy to read my e-mails (and see the images).
    5 With this phone it is unneccesaty for me to carry a
    laptop while traveling.

    I agree that typing on a touch screen gets some getting used to, but it is so much easier on a My Touch.

    Now all I need to do is figure out how to print out to my wireless printer!!

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