Aug 4th, 2009

Well it appears that the official support screen for the Sprint Hero, yes Sprint, has gone live confirming that Sprint is indeed getting the Android-powered handset in due time. After getting the Pre and now the Hero is appears Sprint is finally getting some worth while devices.


There is no word on the exclusivity of Sprint’s marriage to this device but after all that has been going on with the Palm Pre we suspect that this will be a long term affair. At this time we doubt that there will be an unlocked version of the Hero launched in the US for some time. It looks like it was a good decision to jump from AT&T and the iPhone craziness to Sprint for a Pre because now we have some options to play with.

There is no pinpointed date or price point just yet but at least we are getting somewhere. If you’re locked into a Sprint contract and have been dying to get and Android, your day has come. Just hang in there a little longer.

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