HTC Hero making its way to Sprint


Well it appears that the official support screen for the Sprint Hero, yes Sprint, has gone live confirming that Sprint is indeed getting the Android-powered handset in due time. After getting the Pre and now the Hero is appears Sprint is finally getting some worth while devices.


There is no word on the exclusivity of Sprint’s marriage to this device but after all that has been going on with the Palm Pre we suspect that this will be a long term affair. At this time we doubt that there will be an unlocked version of the Hero launched in the US for some time. It looks like it was a good decision to jump from AT&T and the iPhone craziness to Sprint for a Pre because now we have some options to play with.

There is no pinpointed date or price point just yet but at least we are getting somewhere. If you’re locked into a Sprint contract and have been dying to get and Android, your day has come. Just hang in there a little longer.

How to gain root access on your HTC Hero

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  1. When, when oh when Sprint? Please announce something!


  3. that really makes me mad that since the i-thing, AT&T has had NOTHING. and it will probably always be that way… Maybe because sprint is getting the hero, AT&T will jump on board android with the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Rachael. (i can dream…) But the HTC United States website doesn’t have the Hero (sprint) on there, so theres still hope right?

  4. Rob, you need to get your servers sorted. They keep going up/down.

  5. Sprint, with their weak coverage? CDMA? Give me a freaking break! T-Mobile really really blew it on this one, choosing the HTC Magic for their “flagship Android device for 2009” instead of the HTC Hero. The My Touch 3G is too much like the G1. I can’t understand their thinking (or lack thereof) Very very bad business decision on T-Mobile’s part.

    How disappointing! I might have even paid an early cancellation fee on my G1 to switch to the Hero if T-Mobile were getting it.

  6. T-mobile dropped the ball and I’m canceling my service regardless of the etf.Wow t-mobile royally messed up and will lose a customer like me that’s been with them for 7 years.they came out with the rehash mytouch and tried selling as another phone.its the same as the g1 minus the keyboard.

  7. How does a company give a phone 2 its uk customers and not 2 its american customers… I hope its not gonna b a sprint exclusive

  8. I cannot recreate this on their website.

  9. Gaydroid you guys suck like tmobile for not telling people that the g1 is the same as the mytouch just without a keyboard. Y’all some suckas for not telling customers who already have the g1 not purchase the phone because its the same damn phone. Htc hero is coming out with the hero and y’all are satisfied with sub par phones like the mytouch. Its the same efn phone as the g1 say it. Y’all are suckas for this. I hate you and tmobile for lying to its customers.

  10. YES!!! I got the Pre just to play around with it while I waited for an android offering. While it is a great phone I will be returning it before the 30 day trial runs out so I can use my upgrade for this.

  11. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. October 11th

  13. Never understood the GSM v CDMA bit… I’ve had all carriers and, maybe because I’m in a Cosmopolitan area (DC), they all serve me fine. It’s silly to base a carrier on tech. type – base it on what works. Now that I got that irrelevant rant out the way; YES!!! HERO COMING TO SPRINT!! Can’t wait… I’ll pay full price for this bad boy though it would be awesome if Sprint offered some sort of special for customers to pick it up at the subsidized price, it being the maiden ‘droid and all… ;-)

  14. Bugger.

    I travel to Europe often and really wanted a nice GSM Android phone.

    Am I SOL? I assume this will only be CDMA compatible?

  15. @Myles, surely some vendor will sell an unlocked Euro version? I use my beater (N95) for international trips.

  16. But thats for canada? Cuz it says HTC Canada at the top? And as far as I know, the phones in canada and in the us are different…? And werent there sightings in the FCC about an ATT Hero?

  17. Sprint … Weak Coverage?? Are you guys serious… Sprint has the best 3G out there…it rarely goes into 1x in my area.. and it’s the most dependable. . because it’s the most mature 3g … and the voice network is great… Verizon might have better Voice coverage than Sprint… from what I’ve heard .. but AT and T and T-mobile does not even come close. ..

  18. @kenny, if I get an unlocked t-mo UK one will it work on US 3G networks?

  19. @Myles – Not any US 3G networks ’cause Euro, I’m shooting from the hip here, is 900 and 2100. Not the 850/1900 or 1700/2100 on ATT and Tmo USA respectively. However, http://www.importgsm, carries Rogers’ Magic which uses ATT 3G, so there’s hope that the FCC passed (Hero) GSM850/1900 goes to Rogers and an unlocked 3G Hero can be had via ATT. Tiz a long shot as I’m not sure if the FCC testing covers Canada…. ^_^

    @Jerry – yeah, Sprint gets lots of hate whenever I bring them up anywhere (online circuits, in “real life”, etc)… just give ’em the oldie but goodie; Hey, 2001 called, they want their “sprint sucks because…” talking points back. ;-)

  20. @Myles


  21. BOOOOO!!!! Sprint sucks so bad! BTW, weren’t they one of the first to throw Android under the bus? F-U Sprint!

  22. @jerry but don’t forget, when Sprint doesn’t have voice in an area you roam on Verizon’s voice network for free.

    @Kenny couldn’t agree more. Sprint has been amazing to be with since they launched 3G in the early 2000’s. I’ve been with them since ’96 and have no plans of leaving… especially now that this is just around the corner.

  23. @Rizoh66 From what I have been reading Sprint is one of bigger supporters of Android. They just didn’t wan’t to put it out on a phone until is was more polished. Read the “Sprint CEO Confirms 2009 Android, Ready For Primetime” article above.

    @smitty A lot of the delay is because UK has laws that say ppl can get their phone unlocked and take it to what ever service they want. Most US phone companies however, say that since they subsidize the cost of the phones they want to be able to lock them trying to keep the phone and customer with the same service as long as possible. This goes against Android original “Open” ideals and it took some convincing on the part fo the US companies to get Google to go along with it.

  24. Isn’t the Hero called the G2 Touch in the UK. Sprint might be getting the Hero but maybe T-mobile will get the G2 touch or G1 touch whatever they’re calling it…so T-Mo fans we still have some HOPE….I hope.

  25. T-Mobile is in bed with Google. They will not launch a non-Google branded Android phone in the US for some time I feel. You dance with the one that brought you. Google brought T-Mo into the spotlight with the G1 and T-Mo gave Android OS it’s first shot at prime time!

    Time will tell. But the Hero would have been the “G2” in the States if they just had done the Google Brand on it.

  26. @Atalon, I agree he did want to wait it out. I had Sprint before I went to T-mobile and they just left a bad taste in my mouth with their prices and especially their customer service. If I remember correctly, one of their so called “customer service reps” asked me if I felt that the world owed me something?! Hell yeah, since I’m paying their salary! I am a firm believer that mannerisms such as those come from the top down. Sprint = poop.

  27. Imagine an HTC Hero on Sprint 4G! WOW!

  28. @ Rizoh66 I agree with you. I had Sprint a long time ago. way before they aqcuired Nextel. I hated there customer service. It was awful! T-Mobile has been GREAT with me. I had a unlocked iphone and they were helpful with that stuff too. When the G1 came out I switched to that. I’ve been so happy with T-Mo. Right now I have the latest Jacheroski rom running on my G1…but I wouldn’t mind have the REAL HERO.

  29. Tmobile is full of shiiii!!im getting my etf ready a dn i dont care to spend the extra money to get the htc hero. If they making stoopid moves like picking mytouch over the hero i wonder other stoopid decisionns they will make. Im out. Im going to sprint.

  30. The Hero wasn’t annouced at the time the MyTouch(Magic) was….

  31. I was waiting to see if T-mobile would pick up the Hero. I’d be getting a new contract since I don’t want an iphone. T-mobile was so close to having me for a customer, looks like I’ll be on Sprint now.

  32. Everytime I hear the woes of Sprint’s customer service I can’t help but not believe that folks were ripped apart with bad manners, rudeness and general a-holeness after approaching Sprint reps with sugar, spice and everything nice. My anecdotes (been with all 4 at some point) has shown me that each carrier has good and bad reps, but it very much depends on how I convey my message; in short, the old Bambi maxim comes into play – treat others how you want to be treated. lol


  33. @justin it still wouldnt be better that cricket 3g lol.. thats how bad sprint is

  34. I cant wait!! Hurry up Sprint!
    Sprint is the best, I have had them for years and I love it!

  35. why usa always gets the 2nd worse phone with high price. htc hero is free at taiwan for a 2yr contract @$53 a month. our carriers are way too GREEDY.

  36. Tony – “Sprint is the best” at what? i had a cust rep said they would upgrademy phone with contract and put it in the case log. then they retracted & say the rep did was wrong. what are they best at? eating crow?

  37. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me if there is any way that I could order an Android Phone that works on CDMA and then use it here in Canada on the Bell Mobil network? Is the Hero the only CDMA android phone? Thanks. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. If you like you can email me here captaincool at gmail dot com

  38. YESSSSSSSSSSS! I was waiting for thr Touch Pro 2 release to upgrade from my Instinct, but with this news looks like I will be waiting a little longer. Awesome phone folks!! Check it out:

  39. Search google for “htc hero” First sponsored link is…………… SPRINT!

  40. Hey folks. Just noticed something. HTC took the HERO(SPRINT) link out of the drop down menu in the support section, but I searched sprint on their search engine and VOILA!! Check out #8 on this list:

    8‎. HTC – Support – HTC Hero (Sprint) – User Guides
    Provides User Manuals and Quick Start Guides for the HTC Hero (Sprint).

  41. Network specs for Hero, I’m assuming this will be world-ready?


    900/2100 MHz
    Up to 2 Mbps up-link and 7.2 Mbps down-link speeds

    Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE:

    850/900/1800/1900 MHz

  42. The spring version is so ugly compared to the european

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