Qik for Android makes it into Featured apps list and gets special features


The amazing application Qik has made its way to the Android platform and not a moment too soon. About a month ago it released as an alpha version lacking many features and still buggy but it managed to climb into the featured list in the Android Market regardless.


Qik is the first live video streaming application to find its way to Android but there is no doubt that others will eventually follow. Only 33 other applications have managed to make it into the featured list in Android Market so this really speaks volumes. In order to celebrate this milestone Qik has released and update that, as usual fixed bugs but this one includes a few added features that we have been waiting to see.

The first of the features is on-phone editing that allows you to edit video before sending it in to prevent any unwanted portions. Also added is speed sharing which allows you to immediately notify people via email, phone, Facebook or twitter that you are streaming live.

It is surprising that Android got these great features and not the iPhone which has had this application for many months now. If you haven’t already, go and try out Qik right away, you will not be disappointed. This is one of my most used applications.

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  1. I love Qik its been helping me share my road trip with my family members who aren’t able to travle

  2. The reason Qik has more features on Android than on the iPhone is because Apple is making trouble about the whole streaming live video feeds.

  3. This is quite cool. I can’t think of a use for it for me… but still cool.

  4. Bah! No porn allowed :(

  5. Maybe I’m just obtuse, but it doesn’t seem to work for me- took almost 6 hours just to get the confirmation email, and I don’t appear to be putting anything at all on the web, let alone streaming video. May be having trouble handling the load.

  6. Excellent..This is one of favorite app for android.

  7. I really thought it was going to be live and streaming and its not. Its about 2 or 3minutes behind

  8. I love the idea of qik but they’re making it so hard to use. Every time i try to use the app i hit one road bump after another. Its so frustrating when i’m trying send out a tweet with a link for a video i recorded b/c it never works and i want to throw my phone against a wall!!! I want qik to be a perfect app some day but as of right now, the whole UI/design just seems counter intuitive. Qik, make this app easier to use, please!!!

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