G1 Designers Try Their Hand at Automobile Design


With smartphone design under Mike and Maaike belts, automotive design just seems like the next logical step, no? Okay, well perhaps not, but their concept is an interesting one. Rather than the car as we know it today, the G1 designers have a new take on what the car really is. Their design includes a large, all glassed in cabin where users can relax in the comfortable seating and interact with an entertainment system while travelling.


What happened to driving you say? This design has no internal controls, so the car would rely on an external system (or its own damned advanced computer system) to motivate itself. While this might be nice in urban areas where traffic barely moves anyway, it kind’ve just reminds us of the same thing a luxury train ride might accomplish.

[Via Gizmodo]

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  1. Is the drivers seat a bath!?

  2. Totally the cars in Minority Report.

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