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Today was an incredible day for Google as they announced Google Wave at Google I/O and it drew tremendous excitement and applause. We frenzily blogged and posted about Google Wave as the event was going on… LIVE (thanks MikeDG). For those that couldn’t attend, we hope Phandroid could kind of be your eyes and ears.

Now you can watch the entire Google Wave Keynote Presentation which is 2 hours long:

If you want to hone in on the portion of video where they talk about Google Wave on Android Phones, iPhones and mobile devices in general, fast forward to 25 minutes and 25 seconds in and you’re golden.


ENJOY! I know I did. This is a MUST watch as words don’t really do justice to the concepts, ideas and fluid execution up to this point. Google Wave could be really, really big. There is still a chance it will be a total fluke but I hope this thing catches on. The first step is getting developers on board and then getting consumers to use and adopt.

Now that you’ve seen Google Wave first hand… what do you think?

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  1. Whoa that looks really cool!
    If it wasn’t for the video I wouldn’t have understood what it was haha. This looks great, Google really knows how to surprise people! :O

  2. This didn’t sound very interesting when I heard about it yesterday, but I just watched the video and it’s pretty impressive.

    It’s kind of a cross between email, instant messaging, social networking, collaborative document editing, a wiki, facebook and twitter, but more than just that. I can see it being an incredibly powerful tool for all sorts of things.

  3. Now all we need to do is get the system on a better carrier

  4. PS – t-mobile doesn’t work in the bars that i frequent… i mean, uhh, churches

  5. This should replace VBullettin or PHP message boards… thinks about it .. it would be a lot simpler for webmasters to have this on their sites instead of Vbulletin message boards..

  6. Tried watching the Keynote and got an error.

  7. Freaking awesome. Can’t wait till its released.

  8. This could replace email full stop!

  9. This is really amazing. I can’t wait until this is released too. Really brings together so many communication technologies. Google Innovation is just the best.

  10. The word you mean to use is “home [in]”, not “hone.”

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