Josh Jackson Ushers In Rogers Revolution June 1st


We’ve known since the beginning of this month that the HTC Dream and HTC Magic were headed to Canadians via Rogers on June 2nd. But once you go Android, you never go back, so the day before the Dream and Magic launch in Canada, Rogers is having somewhat of a Bachelor/Bachelorette party.


joshjacksonActually, “Treasure Hunt” probably describes it better. The treasure? If the presence of Canadian TV/Movie star Josh Jackson wasn’t enough, you’ll have the opportunity to win awesome Rogers Wireless prizes and even a trip to the Caribbean worth $4,000!

But you’ll have to FIND him if you want to win:

Join the revolution! To help celebrate the launch of Canada’s first Android-powered smartphones – the HTC Dream and HTC Magic — Canadian television star Joshua Jackson will tour secret locations in Toronto throughout the day next Monday, June 1 to meet with fans and offer chances to win Rogers prizes to anyone who locates him.

You can follow Joshua’s tour around the city here, as he posts clues to his whereabouts with live blog updates and photos. Then use Google Search™, Google Maps™ and Google Latitude™ to find his location so you can meet him in person!

Check back here on the morning of June 1, starting at 8:00 a.m., to find out how you can join the revolution and win Rogers prizes plus be entered into a draw for a high-seas Caribbean adventure valued at $4,000!

If you take a look at the Contest Rules and Regulations you’ll notice a few pretty interesting things. First of all, it seems there are only 2 different prizes – a $10 gift card or a phone valued at $599.99, assumingly an Android Phone. They do not indicate what the chances of winning a gift card are versus the chances of winning a phone. THOSE winners then qualify to win the Grand Prize Trip:

2. a) Participants are eligible to win one (1) Rogers prize selected at random, in the form of either a Rogers gift card (valued at approximately $10) OR a Rogers Wireless phone (valued at approximately $599.99).

While price hasn’t been confirmed, that $599.99 would mean the typical $400 rebate brings the phone to $199.99 – not a bad deal for an Android Phone with 1.5 Cupcake numiness.

To win, you’ll have to find Joshua Jackson as stated, obtain an object proving you found him and then TRAVEL TO TORONTO to turn the the object into the Rogers Wireless confirmation station. So if you don’t plan on being near or around Toronto – this contest isn’t for you:

To win a Rogers prize, a valid Rogers compass key chain with valid contest prize code must be surrendered to a Rogers employee at the 333 Bloor Street East, Toronto Rogers store on June 2, 2009 between 10:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. EST. Rogers prizes will be awarded at random for each valid compass keychain handed in.

You also can’t be a complete idiot. Apparently the winner of the Grand Prize will need to pass a math quiz over the telephone in order to win their prize. I’m assuming this is to prevent minors from winning since the rules state you must be over the age of 13 but I know some pretty smart 13-year olds and some pretty dumb adults. If you are reading this and you eventually win, do me a favor and record this telephone conversation!

I know there are a TON of Canadians who are incredibly eager to get their mitts on an Android Phone. Your time has almost come. Enjoy this neat little Joshua Jackson contest from Rogers Wireless and if you want to get yourself pumped up, get the adrenaline running, to increase your chances of finding him, I’ve included a couple Joshua Jackson videos for motivation:

Joshua Jackson in Dawson’s Creek:

Joshua Jackson in Cruel Intentions:

Here he is on Jimmy Kimmel talking about his current show (in November 2008) called Fringe:

Not exactly “motivating” but unless I’m mistaken and IMDB is incorrect, Joshua Jackson played Charlie Conway in the 1992 movie “Mighty Ducks”. Holler at this:


Rob Jackson
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  1. The math question is a Canadian rule for contests. I’m not sure exactly why it is there but it is not for age verification.

  2. Dave, do you have an example of a question? That’s a curious stipulation for a contest.

  3. Presumably you also have to be under the age of 13 to know who Josh Jackson is…..

  4. Aww man I’d so be there if the contest was in other city’s such as mine (Edmonton). I hope they reveal there new pricing plans soon! All the old ones conveniently expire on the 1st!

  5. Here is the wiki page:

    It turns out the Skill Testing Question is actually a loophole in a law banning contests by for-profit companies. Companies can’t give away stuff to lure people into their stores to buy stuff. But they can hold a contest where one person wins the opportunity to answer a skill-testing question like (1+1)/2=?.

  6. Actually ziggy, I am 28 years old and know who joshua jackson is. so back off!

  7. Site moderator, please add rogers to the carrier list!

  8. I’m 21 and I know josh. I love all his work. And although teens love him, it doesn’t mean he’s just a “teens star”. He’s a great actor

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