Verizon Android Phones Are Officially Coming



UPDATE: The Motorola Sholes will be the first Verizon Android Phone! Get  instant E-Mail Notification when it becomes available for purchase or pre-order by signing up here!

We don’t have any type of official timeframe, manufacturers, devices or any other details, today marks the first time Verizon Wireless has gone on record saying they WILL produce an Android Phone. Verizon Wireless customers are now free to rejoice – you may have to wait but if you didn’t hear me (can you hear me now?) Verizon has admitted gone on the record as saying they will be carrying Android Devices.

Hmm… “Devices”? I don’t want to read into that but looks like the options are open. This official word comes from a Wall Street Journal article that also mentions the Palm Pre will come to Verizon Wireless within the next 6 months or so. That’s a HUGE ouch for Sprint as I can see Verizon Wireless customers staying put after hearing something like that – if they had thought about getting the Pre that is.

But back to Android.

There is already one Android Phone rumored for Verizon Wireless – the Motorola Calgary which was first leaked in December. Could this phone be headed to Verizon Wireless before the year is over? Lets hope so…


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  1. Nice, looks like I will be switching back to Verizon after my T-Mo contract is up, or maybe sooner if there is an extremely compelling device.

  2. My fear is that Verizon will cripple it like they do every other phone they carry.

  3. I (with crossed fingers) hope so. I have had the same account for over 10 years and really want an android but have been reluctant to switch providers.

  4. Looks like the timeframe for a Verizon Android offering will be within the next 6 months:

    PCMag: Pre, New Android, BlackBerry Phones on Verizon

    Apparent Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam announced the expected arrival of an Android handset, as well as products from Blackberry and the Palm Pre, within 6 months. The article also claims, “Motorola will also re-enter Verizon’s smartphone portfolio soon.”

    Maybe I won’t be jumping ship when my contract ends 12/3 after all! We’ll see…

  5. Sprint is hardly shaking in their shoes I’d imagine. Remember they’re bringing the nations 1st 4G wireless network to the states. I don’t know if Verizon can claim to have the hottest network around once that happens.

  6. 2&3-I was with Verizon for many years, and finally got tired of waiting so I ETF’d and went to TMobile last month. I figured Verizon would take months and months to hit an Android with the ugly stick they smack the rest of their UI’s with, and they’d spend countless man hours crippling the phone. Wish I’d known about the Pre, but they’ll f it up just like every other phone they’ve had.
    That being said, Android still doesn’t have object push pull for BT, which is a disappointment.

  7. personally I have noticed Verizon not crippling as bad, for example, the storm has nothing crippled on it that I know of (GPS), maybe the tether, but I never use this feature because most of the time, I am on the phone with the client while connected to the internet and CDMA will only allow one that I know of. Also, with the OS being opensource, I think it would be pretty easy to hack any locks them may place.

    Yes, Verizon is saying 20-30 markets with LTE by 2010, so they are going into 4G soon.

    I too was about to jump ship to T-Mobile, but with this phone I am going to stay.

    The storm was VERY disappointing, and I am definitely not going to entertain the Storm 2. iPhone good phone, bad network in Arizona, Pre – I just don’t know about palm anymore. Motorola made some good phones, I liked my Q. I also like the idea that I can easily code on any platform for Android (iPhone=10.5). (Blackberry=Windows)(Android=All).

    Android is a sleeping giant in my opinion. 1.5 Should have been the 1.0 release and now with 8+ sets coming out. I know I am excited.. I get excited about phones :)

  8. I cant wait to trade in the ol Storm on an Android device. I’ve been reading up on Android for a while now and this has got me very excited!

  9. I haven’t seen an impressive phone yet. I mean in terms of actual productivity. They’re all amazing for the boy who grew up with party lines in rural Oklahoma. What I mean by unimpressive is; 1, all mobile devices should be ruggedized. 2, don’t go selling ‘all-in-one functionality if it doesn’t provide all-in-on functionality. Thumboards are the worst user interface I can imagine. I’ve been whining about this on forums and in letters to the manufacturers for 6 years. The only response I’ve gotten is a form letter which indicates I’m seeking payment for my idea. Its not my idea! Its HP’s idea from the old Jornada 728. A clamshell that when closed is 9″X2 1/2″X as thin as they can make it. “That’s huge!” you say. Yes it is but it still fits in a shirt pocket and it has a 75% full touch-type keyboard and it has an 80 character wide touch screen so you can read a line from left to right without scrolling left and right. Imagine what that screen will do for your navigator program or your homepage icon list. Imagine how much battery that 9″ could accommodate. Imagine how much room that leaves for connectors and additional hardware. Imagine this device docking directly into the dash radio in your vehicle. Imagine this device being capable of going from service provider to service provider. Imagine this device being run on any OS from Windows to Android to Ubuntu. Imagine the processor and memory hardware being upgradable by switching out a CF type card. Imagine an exterior screen on the opposite side from the earpiece and mic so your face grease or makeup doesn’t smudge up the screen. Now that’s what an all-in-one device should be. Phone, navigator, camera, netbook, entertainment center brain, and anything else developers can think up to use it on the go or at home. As a blogger, I want to be able to connect with Honey or Mama, or post to my blog photos and video of what I’m doing or the interview I just did, or wander around the web doing research, or shop eBay, or whatever my little heart desires no matter where I am. Deep sea diving or skydiving, fine dining or family reunion, on the street interviews or vacation spot reviews. This product should offer docking in the automobile or the home entertainment system or the office network. That’s the product I’d plunk down a ‘g’ note for. iPhone, Pre, g-phone, nothing out there comes close to what I’m describing because everybody still thinks dinky, tiny is sexy. Fragile, unstable, difficult to manage, near impossible to read, and near useless IS NOT SEXY.

  10. @JudgeRight

    Why not just get a laptop? That the gist of your post. You want a laptop with phone capabilities.

    HP netbooks provide everything you want and more… (HP Mini 1000 is 2.3 lbs and 8.5″). Add skype and an air card and you have a phone with video that can connect just about anywhere a “regular” phone can.

    9″x2.5″ is HUGE! I want something I can carry in my pants pocket, not something that I need a backpack for.

  11. I just hope VZW doesn’t taint the Android interface like the do all of their other phones though. The G1 interface is clutter free and that is what I want from a Red Devil Android device.

  12. I’m with JoeHockey. I really like the service that I’ve had with Verizon but am sick to death of how they cripple phones so they can force you to use their apps. I took almost two years for me to get more out of my bluetooth than just headphone connectivity. Why should I pay them to transfer photos, mp3 and ringtones when I can do via computer? This has been prompting me to consider leaving them.

  13. Judge is that the phone that Val Kilmer has in “The Saint”?

  14. i think android is the best thing for phones right now, smartest thing verizon can do. apps probably will be on the phone but hopefully can be deleted. open source rules

  15. how can it be a android phone without a trackball or the call end. And i don’t see the google stuff. Even though i’m excited for it but still how?

  16. My current phone is an HTC XV6800 on Verizon. It, too, was highly crippled, but flahsing it with a new “cooked” ROM made it fully functional. I live Verizon’s network and I like dealing with Verizon people (at least compared to AT&T or Sprint).

    I’m just waiting to see what my next phone will be. Android seems like a good choice. Not that there will ever be a CDMA version, but as long as the iPhone refuses to play WMA files, I’m not interested.

  17. @ #5 Jonno.N, Verizon MIGHT have been the first to have the most advanced (4G) wireless network in the U.S. this year, as a result of their portion of winnings of the 900Mhz bandwidth –but you will notice that a certain president delayed the switchover from analog to digital, which meant a 4 month delay before Verizon could start testing their new network with the bandwidth that they legally won. There have been rumors that this was not by accident, considering who some of his top contributors are.

    Regardless, I cannot wait to get my hands on an Android phone when they do finally come to Verizon.

  18. If Verizon doesn’t make it a world phone, for get about it. I’m tired of there small selection of phones with international calling ability. If there US service wasn’t so superior I would leave them in a heartbeat.

  19. Same boat as most of you with the great service and bad phone selection. I have a blackberry storm which is pure garbage. Verizon will slice and dice the Android OS. They make too much money from “Get it Now”. If they didn’t, then they would be getting away from their practice of nickle and dime…till they suck you dry. I think I’m going to jump ship soon. Most of the other carriers are getting better coverage. My friends haven’t had any problem with T-Mobile service.

  20. I’ve got a VZW phone for personal and G1 for Business, the T-Mobile coverage is deffinately lacking, I only get 3G in major Metro areas, Went on vacation to the beach and couldn’t get 3G?? it wasn’t some little beach either, I was a bit pissed, but hey free wifi in the hotel helped. Anyway Android = YAY!!! VZW = YAY/Boo (coverage/phone crippling) and T-mobile = boo (just bad service area really 4G is coming out and your 3G is still small…)

  21. Verizon has test beds in Boston and Seattle for their 4G roll out already, and looking at the Sprint roll out plan and how they really don’t have the coverage that Verizon has I guess that their 4G will be lacking just like their 3G network.

  22. I’ve been drooling over the thought of an Android phone for a while now, I really want to start developing for it. Was going to switch, but think I’ll just wait now.

  23. I can’t wait till the Verizon Android phone. I use to work for a T-Mobile dealer and was around for the G1 launch nice phone but the coverage with T-Mobile is not what Verizon is. I have them both!

  24. Any word on this yet? The article was published in May…here we are with nothing in September. Gonna have to jump ship and get an iphone I think. Easily best phone around. Damn, I just can’t stand AT&T though! How is that is the only phone, that does all of that, still?

  25. What the fuck is “Android” supposed to mean???

  26. Google for President!

    Oh wait, hrm.

    @Whatever – Android is an open-source Operating System for mobile phones.

    Considering that Android is open-source and Linux is open-source I don’t think Verizon will be crippling anything. As far as I know or have learned in college/books/internet if someone wants to change the kernel source for Linux they must get approval from Linus Torvalds before it is changed, usually Mr. Torvalds makes changes himself also.

    So if Google owns the Android API, there will have to be a lot of legal and financial hoops that Verizon will have to jump through just to cripple the device, which may not be cost effective.

    Verizon knows that consumers are unhappy with the current platform, I’ve been a Verizon Wireless customer since they were Air Touch in the NW. Tried T-Mobile for my business and they were a joke, so now I’ve been an avid Verizon Wireless customer for 8 straight years.

    Do I care that they cripple their phones, nope, why, well because their customer service and coverage are amazing. I highly doubt that Verizon will “cripple” an open-source OS, because so many MIT uber geeks out there will have it hacked in a day anyway, so all that manpower to cripple the phone would be a waste of money, and with businesses dropping like flies lately, I don’t think it something they can afford to do on an economic level.

    My 2 cents.

  27. I cant wait for website to catch up to the cell phones. I noticed that alot of websites are not completely web ready. Alot of their forms dont work because of the issues with Javascript on cell phones.

  28. Well with the upcoming launch next year of a commercially available LTE network from verizon, it would be nice to see the phone support CDMA/GSM/LTE capabilities, although I do not think the LTE part will be included(to soon to integrate). As far as what we would consider “dumb” phones (i.e. EnV3, Rival, Rogue) or those with the Verizon UI in them, they’ve loosened up a lot but there are still many restrictions on the phones. Smartphones on the other hand, lately have gone pretty much untouched, with the exception of VZNav, but was later loosened up as well on those higher end devices(storm being an example). I think this phone will go pretty much untouched if you ask me. I work for verizon and I use a lot of free apps on my phone (blackberry curve). I really dont have any restrictions that I can think of. Hopefully SMS messaging on this phone will not be limited like a blackberry to 160 characters lol. And with it supposedly coming with 16gb internal space with expandable memory, this should be a hot seller(on gizmondo). Hopefully it does come out soon.

  29. Ok! OK Settle down! I have been with Verizon for over 10 years and then in April 09 switched over to the IPhone. Now I understand the functionality but I only went because I didn’t feel Verizon was stepping up to compete. Verizon personnel checking this out. I have 15 accounts with you right now. Make wise decisions and I will bring the other 30 accounts back over. I love the android move. Do it and the next day we will return home to Verizon.

    This has been a NY exclusive of real men making real decisions that impact the world. To other gents here let’s change the world…


  30. Lets make a few things very clear, I’m a District Manager for Verizon Wireless and just had a meeting all about Android this morning. Open Platform/Open Source means its completely open and google will actually be giving you the coding to make apps if you know how to. I don’t get upset about people bashing Verizon Wireless here. Anyone that has had other services knows this. Also LTE is already on the way and is launching in approximatly 32 markets initially withing the next 9 months or so. AT&T will be going there also but about 2 years later and only in a handful of markets. Like the iPhone, yes its a great device but on the wrong network. apple rejected a VoIP app, verizon approved.

    -JIM, open development cannot be diced, IT will be completely open. Also, if your friends don’t have trouble with Terrible (T)Mobile service have them try something else and they will understand.

    -Jonno, 1G,2G,3G,4G If Verizon wanted to have 8G they could, It only means 4th Generation. Sprint will still have spotty 4G coverage and will still be inferior. The sad thing is that Sprint has the next largest 3G network. But they are close to bankrupt. The understanding is that spring will not be around for much longer. Voice calling is not making any money anymore. DATA is and they give it away. BAD MOVES FOR SPRING Direct connect is already on its way out.

    -Judge, I agree, get a laptop. It’s like keeping your old honda civic and hoping they put heated seats and All wheel drive in it someday.

  31. I have been a Verizon landline and wireless customer from the start. I am a Verizon employee and plan to stay on that route. I must admit I was very disappointed when Verizon did not want any parts of the Iphone and have settled with other phones. They said the Storm was the Iphone killer and that failed. I hope this new product (The Android) is the closest thing or better because I am loosing my patience with all this hype Verizon is trying to sell us. Let’s face it, the Iphone is the best, most of us want the Iphone for Verizon, but I hope the Android is the answere.

    Can you hear me now Verizon!

  32. Bear in mind that the android page on verizon says that the phone will have android v2.0. Were only up to v1.6 so you can expect it it be quite a wile before the release.

  33. -Judge

    I would agree, nokia used to make those clamshell phones that were half palmtop half phone. The had a heavy clunky feel to them that said “I mean business”. If they made phones with modern features in that style i would gladly shell out whatever they asked. I want a phone that can handle real life. Not some peace of crap that cant handle a 3 foot drop from my desk to the floor. That’s why i loved the first gen iphone, that heavy metal case made it tough as nails. I dropped it down the stairs dropped it on concrete. I stepped on it. I even accidentally dripped hot solder on it. You just try that with these plastic pieces of scrap. Besides the weight is reassuring, it feels right.

    PS it was not hardware changes that killed such marvels as the Jordana 728, it was the shift from Windows CT to Windows mobile. If they resurrected and modernized the old CT then the iphone and android phones and all other ‘smartphones’ would be obsolete within a year.

  34. Will the GPS be crippled?

  35. 90% of the people don’t even use the dam phones for anything but texts, instant messaging, facebook, and listening to music. Everyone needs to get over themselves already and remember your life won’t be any better, you probably won’t make any more money or go further in your career because you are on a 4G this or that or have a Droid this or an I-that. But hey at least you will be able to post tweet yourself to your hearts content…techno nerds!

  36. ^he mad

  37. Thats hilarious. Yu guys seriously are wayyy 2 intune with your cell phones if you came on here to sign up. I came to see what the damn thing looks like.. and it looks like a Side Kick from Tmobile. Does everything the flippn I phone DOES and DOESNT do… Im a hard core Verizon fan….. but i swear…. Verizon Bites big chunks of everyones stuff. So why even bother changing phones when you have flipn Tmob && AT-tat with the same shii. Just Switch Services. U GUYS JUST LIKE TO WASTE TIME

  38. @Charms: Who is that idiot who wants to switch services from Verizon Wireless? There are no better carrier than VZ. AT&T and T-Mob are terrible with coverage and drop calls.

    One suggestion to VZ: you need to be faster with phones like this one. Android and iPhone OS phones are the future, and faster you deploye them, the more customers you get.

  39. I like my tour just fine, droid will be a hype.

  40. I love BB’s comment, you all are a bunch of techno nerds!

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