Motorola Android Phone: Will It Look Like This?


We know that Motorola is putting a LOT into Android, and the company needs their “MotoDroid” to be a huge success with a stock that’s dropping and a market that’s declining. We know they hope to make a Social Phone based on Android but last we heard, the device wouldn’t come out until 2009 Winter Holidays.

Today, BGR leaked a few images of unannounced Motorola Phones that are slated for 2009 release. In order of appearance they are: Motorola Flash, Motorola Rush 2, Motorola Calgary and Motorola Inferno

But there’s a problem: all 4 of these phones are set for Verizon – a company who seems to despise Google and Android. After seeing that picture of the Motorola Flash, you’re probably feeling like I was… heart broken. If Motorola intends on releasing a phone looking like THAT with Android, I don’t think they’ll have any problem reviving the company.

The other 3 aren’t bad either with the Rush 2 and Calgary resembling the G1 form factor and the Inferno looking like the already released Krave/Blaze. With the UI seen on the latter 2, its probably safe to say that they will NOT be Android Phones. But who are we kidding, we already said that NONE of these are likely to be Android Phones.

Why not? Because of Verizon. it’s really pretty darn frustrating, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure there are people who would pay some outrageous prices to have ANY of these phones on the VZW network running Android. Am I wrong here? Is Verizon missing out here or what? Are Verizon and AT&T fighting a hopeless battle or are we blinded by our own fanboism?

In my opinion, the best leaders are able to look at the past, look at the facts, admit when they’re wrong and make the best decision for themselves and their organization moving forward. With the long-term in mind.

Its true that there are PLENTY of phones that are on different carriers, but if they’re building a phone for Android the chances of them putting WinMo or their proprietary junk on the same device just to get it on Verizon’s lineup is absolutely zilch. I’m pretty sure that’s unprecedented among top tier manufacturers but correct me if I’m wrong.

So, we’re sorry to disappoint you but it’s more than likely that NONE of these are the Motorola Android Phone. But… if Motorola keeps going in this direction for their 2009 Android effort, I think they’ll be in pretty good shape. And one more time, Verizon, the ship is waiting in your harbor and there are tons of phandroids screaming all aboard.

Just for the fun of it… which of the above 4 would you most like to see with Android?

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  1. definitely the Flash.

  2. The Motorola Calgary looks nice and the design seem to be pretty thin, those are things that make more comfortable the user experience, hope that these models go out sooner than planned, because i think that there’s plenty of people waiting for more android devices

  3. I Posted this article on your forum this morning.

    The Flash is definitely my favourite, hope that runs Android.

  4. How about none?? The bottom 2 already seem to be running the crappy VZW interface. The top 2 look WORSE than the G1 does! :P

  5. Give me Android on the Flash or Calgary. I personally like the real qwerty keyboard, so I think I’d prefer the Calgary, assuming that it’s slim and sleek. Anyway, I think they’re all pretty sexy, and hope that they’re aiming for something along these lines for their planned Android phone.

  6. I’m getting ready to leave Verizon right now because of their lack of cool phones. Didn’t like the BB Storm, the Dare, or any of the others. I really want Android. The Flash looks cool, but if it doesn’t have Android, it’s just another touchscreen phone with little or no potential. Sorry Verizon, but goodbye…

  7. @Michael – I’m with you on the Full QWERTY. It’s why I loved the Voyager so much when it first game out. I still maintain that the Voyager’s keyboard, physically speaking, is the best that I’ve used to date.

  8. The second raised button on the “Flash” looks like a “Windows” icon. Maybe a Winmo phone?

  9. i hope it has a full qwerty keyboard

  10. @caramel
    windows mobile phone with android that makes no sense to me

    the flash is looking pretty sexy though xD

  11. @danny….caramel was saying tht if u look at the flash the second raised button to the left is a windows mobile icon, the flash will not have android

  12. My top 3 are in order
    1. The Inferno
    2. The Flash
    3.The Calgary

  13. dont be so sure that just because the verizon brand is on the phones that it means they won’t be running android. you even mentioned yourself in the following post that reps for both nokia and verizon at various android developer events last. https://phandroid.com/2008/09/28/motorola-android-team-350-people/

  14. I like the flash, but I’m not holding my breath for VZ to release an Android phone. I too, will be leaving VZW to get an Android phone.

  15. I am yet another customer that will be leaving VZW soon for another carrier that will give me an android phone. I have been impressed by the customer service at VZW and would have gladly paid a higher price for a good android phone on their network. Unfortunately their childish pouting and silly games with LIMO and Google, means they’ve lost another customer. That’s 3 customers lost on this thread alone. Wake up VZW and listen to your customer!

  16. With four phones on Verizon for six years, I too will leave if they don’t adopt an Android phone like the Flash. I’m tired of the trashy Sears-set handsets with no real web functionality. Would have liked to stay with Verizon coverage. But what is coverage if I need to access the content I want?

  17. When can i get an update for adobe r flash???? This is ruinning the phone!!! Apples has a safari pdf and it works awesome!!! Whats up VW??

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