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android-frameAndroid is primarily a mobile phone OS at the moment, although other types of products have been discussed in great detail. Most of the chatter has surrounded Android Netbooks but one product scarcely mentioned, if at all, has already been developed by a Japanese company – an Android Digital Photo Frame.

Macnica Inc and Fujitsu Software Technologies have jointly developed and produced a “software platform for home network digital photo frame” that is based on Google’s Android Operating System. The software  was exhibited on a prototype device a the 12th Embedded Systems Expo (ESEC2009) in Tokyo this week.

Think of it this way… they are essentially developing an Application for Android and altering the OS so it will ONLY allow this one program to run when booted up. When put like that, you can probably understand the tremendous cost savings the company enjoys instead of having to build its entire system from scratch:

According to Macnica, in recent years, there is an increasing demand to develop high value-added embedded devices at a lower cost and in a short period of time. And Android is drawing attention as a multipurpose embedded platform that fulfills such a demand, the company said.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lot more of this. The final product may not have a lot of features and instead might only serve one narrow purpose, but Android will allow them to have a starting point that provides a head start and ultimately get the job done quicker, more affordably and with a greater possibility of feature options/inclusion. I think this concept will be taken even futher when we start thinking about Android in a much, MUCH broader scope.

Actually, I talked about this type of “potential” – from controlling coffee pots to home entertainment centers – back in January when the NIMble Desk Phone surfaced. Go back in time and read that article and tell me… do you agree? It is the same reason I am so eager for the Android Hub.

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  1. Yes, I very much agree. I still think the NIMble Desk Phone is the most exciting Android device on the horizon. There’s so much potential there with the right apps and connectivity.

  2. wat makes this digital frame better than the others if all it is is a pctre frame pointless why not get a different brand nohing about this stands out.Why even call it android if all it is is a picture frame.

  3. Josh did you even read the post? Your questions are answered there.

  4. Not sure why this is news. Android doesn’t solve the user interface, industrial design, and Flash (or equivalent) issues that come up if you really want to develop a completely simple, intuitive, but extensible next generation photo device (eg MID) like Isabella’s Vizit. I think if you don’t want to go in that direction, the OS is irrelevant when the user experience is still bound by a crappy hardware design, poor interface, etc.

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