Alpha 680 Android Netbook Poses For Camera


The universe (minus some) eagerly awaits the arrival of an Android Netbook. When we first told you about the Alpha 680 last month, it was one of many Android Netbook rumors floating around. But this one has gotten much more concrete.

First a video spotlighted the software:

Now, pictures of the product in action appeared on the interwebz:




Keep your eyes out because this pretty little number is set to hit the market in Q3 for $250. But is the world, and more importantly the Android Platform, ready for an Android Netbook this soon? I suppose that is exactly what Google is trying to determine.

[Via ModMyGPhone]

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  1. Skytone is going to fuck this up big. That video sucked.

  2. I really don’t see the point of throwing Android on a netbook. Ubuntu is a much better fit.

  3. Uuuuummm…

    1) Are those Play Station controls on the right hand side of the screen? wtf.

    2) I’m guessing this is hinged in a way that it can be used as a tablet too… so I am picturing having to type something using a huge-ass cupcake soft keyboard… I just.. I just don’t get it…

    3) Can someone explain to me why Net Books are a good idea? Why put the functionality of a phone OS into something that is almost the size of a laptop… which also happens to have a keyboard.. on one side… and and and.. * breath

    I just don’t get it. I am excited about phones becoming more like computers… but why dumb down a computer to be more like a phone… and only in ways that were taken from computers to begin with?!?

  4. I agree with Grant.PLAYSATTION CONTROLS? WTF if its going to be that lame they should just wait for someone else to make their laptop .android is one of the best cell phones out there if not the best and then they are gonna make these shitty low grade cheap laptops .its android they need to wait for the best

  5. I agree with Grant and X2HaloEd. While I love the Android OS and my G1, I don’t see much point in a netbook with Android. If you want to save $$$, put Ubuntu on it…. (which still doesn’t have Chrome, unfortunately).

  6. I think there are capabilities inherent in Android that will allow developers to exploit opportunities unique to the Netbook experience. Apps targeted to the netbook users that utilize those unique powers of android.

    Slap on some more Google – docs, spreadsheets, chrome, voice, etc… – and I would be really interested to see where things go.

  7. Many people above have questioned the utility of an Android Netbook. Android can be great on Netbooks for many reasons:
    * The Android Market, like iPhone Market has many useful Apps and growing…
    * Its easier (almost trivial) to create nice UI with Android SDK. Try that on Linux
    * It provides an all Java platform for developers who won’t touch C++ with a ten feet pole

    * Any many more…

    So yes I would love to see an android Netbook. But not the kind where they just port the original Android Stack on x86. A lot of work is required to adapt the UI for Netbooks.

  8. This Skytone netbook looks worse than the kid computers sold at ToysRus. Guess we still have to wait longer for a decent Android Netbook. Maye be some folks don’t see value in an Android Netbook, but I think it will make a wonderful product. It just needs to be done right. Not a blatant copy of Android Phone Stack. Android as a platform has a lot to offer – it rich UI, Java API, Linux Kernel and more. We need some serious Vendors of Android Netbooks

  9. Well, don’t get me wrong… I would love to see Google Docs on Android too. But seriously… google voice? chrome? Why not just get a phone… from which you can use “phone voice”, and that runs a browser that is ALSO based off of web-kit?

    Now, I can see other uses for Android, sure. Picture frames, mini computers that embed into your fridge or coffee table, VOIP controllers, etc. etc.. but the key is that the UI has to FIT the task at hand. If you build a piece of hardware that can handle work-load and “super users”, why even market an OS whose UI was DESIGNED for a hand-held device as a viable competitor to OSes that already have a hold on the market, and who’s usability flow is designed for the form of a laptop? I mean, it took Apple like 15-20 years before the general public accepted it as a “real” computer system, and they designed the whole UI layout that we are used to in the first place.

    I don’t know. I guess it boils down to that I don’t really understand the point of “net books” to begin with, much less ones that run Android. It seems like the whole thing started as a project to design laptops for kids, that were cheap and somewhat reliable. I like the sound of cheap (as in inexpensive), and reliable, but it still doesn’t seem like something a big person would play with.

    What am I missing here?

  10. Keyboard ? does this mean we can hook up an external keeboard to a G1 . Great for lecture notes?

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