ScummVM, Emulating Old School


scummvmThe dudes over at Android and Me reported on a sweet emulator application called ScummVM. ScummVM is an emulator designed for easy porting to other systems; it’s currently on all the big ones Windows, Linux, Mac OS X etc. The program itself claims to only be 3MB, but shinobiwan23, the dude who reported on DOOM reports that it weighs in at a record trouncing 10MB, this is confirmed in the Manage Applications section. Yowzers!

Adding games to play is pretty tricky to get a hold of, but shinobiwan23 will walk you through how to do this in his YouTube video posted at the end. For a list of compatible games, visit ScummVM’s compatibility list. And for a list of downloads, click it.

Link to video review This will have to do until Rob fixes it :-)


[via Android and Me]

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  1. Love the use of the QR code, keep it up.

    As for the program, 10MB is way too big to be useful. Android seriously needs to work on loading apps off the SD Card so I can try these typrd of programs.

  2. ScummVM says 4mb in my app manager and when I backup the app it is 3.7mb compressed. I wonder if it eats up alot of temp storage while it runs. My available space only decreased approx 4mb too so I don’t know where he is getting 10mb from.

  3. It d/l 4 mb but unpacks to the 10 mb. I ran this when it first came out it was fun but needs scrollwheel control to be playable. Here is one of the threads about it on the SCumm website http://forums.scummvm.org/viewtopic.php?t=6707&highlight=android

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