Apr 12th, 2009

scummvmThe dudes over at Android and Me reported on a sweet emulator application called ScummVM. ScummVM is an emulator designed for easy porting to other systems; it’s currently on all the big ones Windows, Linux, Mac OS X etc. The program itself claims to only be 3MB, but shinobiwan23, the dude who reported on DOOM reports that it weighs in at a record trouncing 10MB, this is confirmed in the Manage Applications section. Yowzers!

Adding games to play is pretty tricky to get a hold of, but shinobiwan23 will walk you through how to do this in his YouTube video posted at the end. For a list of compatible games, visit ScummVM’s compatibility list. And for a list of downloads, click it.

Link to video review This will have to do until Rob fixes it :-)


[via Android and Me]