Party Time: Bluetooth Leaks HTC Fiesta


Android enthusiasts are always dying to know what Android Phone is due out next, taking little rumors with heavy doses of salt along the way. But this time around, that salt comes with a a lime and a shot of tequila, poured courtesy of the Bluetooth bartenders association special interest group. Although it has since been taken down, they noted in the product detail specifications for the HTC Fiesta that it will indeed be an Android Phone:


There was the HTC Dream, HTC Magic and now it appears the third Android Phone – at least from HTC – will be the HTC Fiesta. And what do we know about it? That it will have bluetooth and be made available in Asia, Europe and North America. This teeny bit of information leads us to the fun part: time to speculate! I’m sure among the comments to follow will be undoubtedly be of the, “HTC Touch HD with Android please k thx bye” breed!

Prove me wrong if you dare!

[Via EngadgetMobile]

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  1. Touch HD??? ew, no. keyboardless crap!

    HTC Touch _Pro2_ (Rhodium/Rhodium 100) with Android k thx bye!


  2. Why would that be put’up anyway if it was taken down? Sounds a little late April Fools-ish to me. But hey I think it would be grate anyway.

  3. Funny, the link no longer says that it is an “Android Phone”.

    Now, it’s a “Phone”


    sidenote- LOLCODE, the most impractical and hilarious language.

  4. yeah i know right they change it know it said Phone lol
    that so funny !!!!!

  5. yes plz lollerskates kthx

    htc touch pro with android is what i want

  6. Too bad the HTC website says it runs Windows Mobile 6


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