Soulja Boy Is Android’s Newest “G”1



We’re not going to say exactly how we came across this juicy tidbit of detail, but suffice it to say we’ve simply found it. It seems as though Soulja Boy (Tell ‘Em!) is using nothing but our (current) favorite toy in his latest video, “Kiss Me Thrue The Phone“. Scrub through until just before 1:15 where you’ll see him pull out his G1 (screenshot above). There’s not too much else to be said, but we can definitely pose a couple of extremely pertinent questions:

  • Who thinks he’s rooted his phone?
  • Who thinks he has Cupcake?
  • Can we convince him to tweet using Twidroid to prove that he actually owns said device?

Everyone who thought that the iPhone was the only one that got the attention: hear, hear! This is Celebrity Status if I’ve ever seen it. This guy has 254,655 Twitter followers, people, that should be proof enough. I’m just sayin’…


Spencer Gardner
Spencer sheds blood, sweat, and sometimes tears over each and every story that is written. All in the name of Sci..er..Android! He also runs many miles many days of the year and hugely enjoys the tech world in general.

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  1. I suddenly want to throw my phone away. =(

  2. I’m sorry. I’m a big fan of this blog but I did find your picture offensive. Maybe I’m alone on that, but I’m not one to easily take offense so maybe not. Thanks for such a great blog! I can’t wait for Sprint to get on the ‘droid train.

  3. What the hell was that? Did you just assume that you had no black readers, or that we would not notice?

  4. If you think the picture in this article is some type of parallel racial commentary, you’re sadly mistaken and reading way too deep into the article. Soulja Boy is a rapper and the picture is an over-the-top attempt at humorously putting words in his mouth.

    If you see this picture and think “racist” then unfortunately, I might suggest it is the lens you are looking through and not the subject matter you’re looking at. I defend Spencer’s judgement 100% and don’t see any… ANY harm in this picture.

    Seriously, take off the suit and tie, put on some normal people clothes and chill out. Why does everyone look for controversy that doesn’t exist?

  5. Hey, guys, in no way was this picture meant to be offensive at all. It’s simply his style of talking. People don’t get mad when a story is published that parodys the way someone talks or acts. People aren’t going to complain when a newssite puts a picture of Steve Jobs saying “Boom”, because that’s simply what and how he says it.
    However, if any of your were offended I apologize and want you to know that there was nothing intentionally offensive added to this post. Please email me at [email protected] if you’d like to discuss things more.

  6. No offense taken at all. Cool article. Only ignorance will lead to such controversy that doesn’t exist. “den i be able ta blootooff my shawt” roflmao.

  7. Oh lawdy lawd. Someone get jesse jackson, cause I forgot to take off my sensitive panties!

  8. Well I’m black and don’t take it as racist. Have you ever heard Solja Boy talk? We do tend to have a distinct accent down here in the south…and its even different in different parts of the south.

  9. Hell….I talk like that lmao.

  10. Fucc it..any publicity is good publicity….bad emcee but great phone chooser.

  11. That’s not a G1, if you continue to watch the video, for just a FEW more seconds, you’ll see that it’s not.

  12. He uses a couple different phones in this video Blaine… and one he uses the most is fo sho a muttafu**in g1 yo! lol

  13. the picture is offensive..

  14. This explains a lot of the comments in the market place…

  15. And the picture is more true than offensive, again, the market place.

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