Android is DOOM’d!


doom22You read that right, folks. It seems as if every old schooler’s dream has come true. Doom has been brought over to the G1/Android OS. I don’t believe I have read an “Application Request” thread yet on any Android forum that hasn’t had at least one mention of bringing Doom over to our beloved OS. While this program is still very beta, it is worth keeping on your phone so you can stay up to date on every update that becomes available through the Market.

One thing that must be done, before considering getting elbow deep in monster blood-goo, is set your key bindings. This seems to be a blind hunt-and-peck for now as the skull which is supposed to tell you which key binding you are on refuses to move with your trackball. For now it seems that the best way to edit your controls is to edit it directly from the prboom.cfg file located on your SD card in the Doom folder. You can use the hex codes from Natural Innovations to find and manually change your key bindings.

However, once all of that is done, it’s time to blast some monsters! This game is everything that you’re going to expect it to be and, hopefully in the future, even more.

If you watched the video, it seems that Android and Me is currently working on a port for Quake as well, definitely something to check out.

[via justamp]

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  1. Yes, we are in contact with several devs and work will begin soon on the project.

  2. I’ve been trying this for several days now and can’t get it to work. It downloads the game files the first time and when it’s done it exits (no error messages or force close). When I load it again and hit play it exits immediately. I’ve tried downloading all 3 game packs. I on 3G each time I’ve tried this; has anybody gotten it to work on 3G? I read on another forum someone said they had no trouble over wifi, so I wonder if that could be the issue. I keep forgetting to try it again when I’m at home.

  3. OMG I totally saw this last night!! So awesome, I had the same problem with the keys and just gave up trying to edit it. Thanks for the easy fix, you guys are on it!

  4. I love that game. I wonder if it is available in the market yet? Going to check.

  5. Android is the best

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