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nbaBeing within earshot of the end of the regular season hasn’t stopped the guys over at NBA Digital from releasing a nifty game tracker for Android. NBA Game Time is just one of the many applications that Android desires to have in its arsenal; something that the every day user may not have thought about, but now that it’s here…heck to the yes. Sure we’re only a few months away from the end of the season, but with new applications there is no such thing as too late!

What it does:

  • Live scores (only available during games, obviously)
  • Schedule for upcoming, and already played games
  • Standings, separated by conference
    • You can see final scores by going to a past date in the schedule.

What it should do:

  • Brackets. For all we know it already does this, or will do it once the playoffs hit. But let’s face it, we’re all suckers for a bracket.
  • The calendar should, or at least have the option to, look like a 31 day calendar. As of now, you have to insert an individual date and move from there. I would like to see a full month calendar with days highlighted that have or have had games.
  • Move down in size!  As of now this application is rockin’ a bloated 4MB. Looking through my application list I rarely see a program go over 1 MB. And to be perfectly honest this isn’t really worth 4MB of my hard drive. For comparisons sake, DOOM is only a whopping 2MB.

Sure, at the end of the season this program is either going to be forgotten about, or removed completely to download additional dxTop themes but the Market needs more applications like this one for all major sports. Except NASCAR…Ok NASCAR can come, but only if it has video replay of the wrecks.

[Update: Thanks Carmex!]


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  1. Sounds great. I’m gonna look for it and give it a shot. (Scoreboard is nice for basic usage, but they don’t update fast enough.)

  2. Ok I just checked it out. It is indeed a little bloated. Not only on the size of the app, but the amount of memory it uses as well. It’s a beast, but it definitely looks to be one of the nicer apps. Can’t wait until tomorrow to try out live scoring, though, for the games that I won’t be able to see.

  3. Looks good, but espn.com has a kickin mobile site. Takes up no space and gives you live scores and game tracker.

  4. Why the need to make this app available only in the US? We want to be able to follow our favorite NBA team… Go Blazers!

  5. QR code please! These should be in all posts talking about apps. Lookie here, just embed this:

  6. @Carmex: It’s funny you say that, I was pondering using the QR code from Cyrket but just through up the link to their website instead.

  7. i cant find it in the market or download it, is that only for US user becoz im in UK

  8. Greetings from Spain!

    I was very interested to download this app but in the market of Europe is not available on… :(
    Someone can upload it to megaupload or rapidshare please???

    thank you very much!!!

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