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Phandroid first started a LONG time ago – well over a year ago – yet still we’ve only seen one mass market Android Phone distributed, the T-Mobile G1. While there have been plenty of rumors on upcoming phones, from the indefinitely delayed Kogan Agora to the soon to be released (fingers crossed) HTC Magic, it’s safe to say that not NEARLY enough mainstream Android devices have launched.

We want more. You want more. Lets have a little fun and play pretend. You find a magic lamp, rub it and a robot looking genie pops out and says you can create any ONE Android phone based on the following criteria:

  • Form factor
  • Features/Specs
  • Carrier
  • Manufacturer


What would you make? Describe your perfect Android Phone.

Rob Jackson
I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

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  1. Same form factor as T-Mobile G1 but with buttons/keys more like the LG Voyager. 5MP camera with optical zoom and impressive flash. 3.5mm Headphone Jack and charger port somewhere less intrusive when typing. On Verizon Wireless.


    Oh yeah… on-screen QWERTY required as well. Thanks, cupcake!

  2. * Form Factor: I’m perfectly happy with HTC Dream’s form factor. I actually prefer hardware keyboard to virtual, am I weird?

    * Features/Specs: More internal memory and/or ability to have apps on the SD!! Please! Android is open, the benefit is tapping all the developers and novel ideas out there. What’s the point if I only have ~30Mb usable… :-(

    * Carrier: Orange, I want my Orange Wednesdays :-)

    * Manufacturer: As above, HTC

  3. *Form Factor/Features/Specs: HTC Touch HD Pro (i.e. the touch HD with a slide out qwerty keypad) The specs on the TouchHD are great, I just want a keyboard.
    *Carrier: Verizon! They are the only people with 3G in my area. Anyone else is useless to me.

  4. * Form factor
    HTC Touch Pro as said before is quite sexy.
    * Features/Specs
    Usefull Camera (>5 MP)
    * Carrier
    Don’t care actually,I buy it without a contract anyway.
    * Manufacturer
    HTC,as they have sexy WinMo phones.

  5. I would want a modified HTC Dream

    -3.5mm headphone jack next to the usb connection
    -IR leds on the back so the camera could take pictures in the dark and tv-b-gone apps and other IR remote control apps could work
    -Dvorák keyboard layout
    -flash and image stabilization for the camera
    -bigger battery
    -better speaker (the current one sounds kinda poor)

    carrier: any gsm network and the ability to connect to both tmobile 3g and at&t 3g

    manufacturer: HTC

  6. Form Factor
    Exactly the HTC Magic, except with the bottom buttons made more congruent. As a runner-up, the original HTC Touch Pro was at the top of my list for a while.

    HTC Magic once again comes out here as exactly what I want. Maybe bump the RAM and CPU clockspeed up to the maximum, but other than that, nothing. However, extended battery is a must. My dream phone would be able to stay on for a week straight with all the services on.

    Doesn’t matter to me, although I’d prefer not to have Sprint.

    Ya, I’ve been spoiled by HTC too.

  7. Ah yeah, and for features, add the 3.5mm headphone jack and at least 2GB of ROM.

  8. And maybe a higher resolution camera with flash.

    But THAT’S it, I promise! HTC Dream + 3.5mm jack + camera flash + higher specs = my perfect phone.

    On its own the Magic still absolutely wins me over. It really is my dream phone.

  9. I want the form factor of the nokia n810 (keep thr g1 keyboard tho)
    Add wifi g/b/n
    ALL bluetooth profiles including bluetooth host and stereo
    Fm (am?) Radio
    IR port
    Keep the existing usb port on the g1 but fix it so I can have the headset plugged in while the phone is charging (maybe a splitter)
    I am not crazy about a regular headphone jack because they always have a tendency to wear out and then I only have one side working.
    Higher res screen (multitouch?)
    5mp camera with flash
    Dual simm
    Customizable boot loader

  10. G1 with 3.5mm headphone jack, better/faster camera with decent flash and a battery that lasts (a lot) longer.

    And just for laughs – a built in Tazer!

  11. Form factor of the Palm Pre with vertical hardware keyboard for one hand use plus on screen keyboard.
    SD Card, apps compatible
    5mp+ camera with decent flash, video.
    Carrier: Cincinnati Bell
    Manufacturer: USA

  12. Just give me the G1 with a battery that last me till I go to bed.
    ~ Ohh yeah and a 3.5mm headphone jack. While we’re at it, slim it up a bit and give it some of the “Cupcake features” like Bluetooth Stereo, on screen keyboard, and video recording. Magically cram a 3.8″ screen and video out and we’ll be in business. Wait we need office support for docs and some flash capability for those advanced websites. Since those will eat up some memory, lets up the storage enought to be greedy on the market place. How about some good accessories like all them iPod docks and cases.
    ~ but most importantly, the battery. Please, please, please work on getting this device to last me one day with what I call normal amount of use.
    – Josh

  13. Form factor:

    – Edge to edge full touchscreen with as small a bevel as possible. Nearly-square corners (not rounded). The HTC MAX 4G comes close: http://tinyurl.com/64zwqt

    – VGA or greater rez

    – Horizontal sliding keyboard.

    This would be my perfect phone in terms of form factor, and I’d buy it instantly.

  14. 1) HTC Touch Pro 2 (Rhodium 100) with 5 row keyboard and tilt screen. Increase the size so that it has a 4.8″ 800×480 screen, dpad on the face, and the 5 android buttons on the face. 3.5mm headset port and miniUSB or microUSB charging/data port (both at the midpoint of one of the long sides of the device, not where you’d hold it when typing).

    2) LOTS of battery life, much better camera than the Dream (higher res, video, flash), maybe a video out port (Apple’s new port?) and a microUSB host/OTG port (for keyboard). On the Android side of things: Bluetooth HID, BIP, FTP, DUN, PAN; Wifi tethering; USB tethering; more Gmail features, more Google Reader features, more Google Docs features, SyncML client with calendar support, IM client which supports multiple user accounts per protocol, and non-Gmail Jabber accounts.

    3) 2 SIM slots, quadband GSM, support for both AT&T and T-Mobile-USA 3G (so, probably “quadband WCDMA” too).

    4) HTC or Nokia. In fact, if it was Nokia, it’d be really cool to see that new VMWare software on it, so it could simultaneously run Android and Maemo.

  15. My perfect android fone wood be like the G1 but jus a few touch ups,
    1. I wood make it so there wood be a qwerty keyboard on the screen
    2. I wood make things turn from landscape to portrait and vise versa by turning the fone
    3. I wood make it so the camera zooms at least 4 times
    4. I wood keep the fone on T-Mobile only cuz thas the original and i like originals
    5. The fone wood be updraded to android 3.0
    6. It wood upgrade to 4G wen it comes out
    7. The standard battery wood be a 1600 mah but not extended cuz the one i have now is a big piece of shit
    And finally it it wood have a 8 GB internal memory and be able to hold up to 16 GB memory

  16. i could just imagine a white,black,chrome phone with android build in with a HD screen and made by google with tmobile and freakin 20 G instead of 3G and gps a 20mp
    camera and video with a keyboard and its very slim and with 200GB build in damn i feel horny haha jk thats all i got pretty cool i guess

    or a android lookin phone color green with android button pretty cool

  17. o and i forgot a longer batter life way long like it last 2 days or so and 3.5mm head jack touch screen with multitouch (damn you Iphone) and you do the rest of it good bye GO ANDROID HTC GOOGLE and ETC. AND ETC.

  18. Htc touch running android. … period

  19. I don’t want an android phone I want a pocket sized netbook with a cellular modem running android. Throw in hearty processor (an atom?) all the trimmings (Bluetooth, IR, GPS, WiFi, and decent graphics) A large physical keyboard and an analog joystick for playing games. Enough battery to last a full day and a good camera (with the ability to do video). A micro SD slot and either a large amount of internal storage or maby a second micro SD slot (The second slot could be in a hard to get to spot like under the battery). The ability to act as a usb host so a thumb drive could be plugged into it. The last thing is it would be nice if it could be used as a mass storage device and a usb modem simultaneously so you could boot a computer from it and still use it for a modem (would be awesome for system recovery). The carrier doesn’t matter since all US carries suck about the same I would go with whoever has the “phone”.

  20. To keep it simple I would say form factor and spec like the HTC Touch HD.
    Although it is quite heavy everything else is really nice.
    Just kick out WinMo and we are good to go!

  21. Form factor

    5 MP Camera with optical zoom + nice flash
    Satellite GPS, not just assisted GPS
    mini USB or micro USB
    802.11 g/n
    A2DP (bluetooth stereo audio support)
    Large touch screen (at lease 2 in x 3 in)
    At least 16 GB internal memory (why the heck not, it is so small now and I am dreaming after all)
    3.5mm headphone jack
    CDMA (for the love lets get a phone that will run on sprint and verizon)


    HTC or LG

  22. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, like the Palm Pre, but with a GUI wise touched up Android as OS.

  23. A vertual keypad that works in landscape and portrait while texting. A more sexier phone thiner whith less buttons and everything the G1 has with upgraded features.

  24. As much as I love touch screens, these devices just don’t fit in my pocket nicely! I would love to see Android further developed for flip phones:

    + Smaller designs.

    + AU KDDI style flip phone, with screenflipping both ways.

    + Combination keypad *and* touch screen. The G1 proved it was possible to have both worlds, so why not continue with that tradition?

    + Implement Delta II style keypad.

    + Kinetic recharge: shake the phone to recharge!

    + More fun colors!

    Lastly, I would love to see a version of Android developed for *existing* phones. Rather than throwing our old devices, I would love to see old devices given new lives with a better mobile OS.

  25. * 3.8″ Half-XGA LCD
    * 5.2 Megapixel Camera
    * Digital TV (One Seg)
    * Media Player
    * microSDHC™ Memory Card
    (sold separately)*5
    * Bar (QR) Code Reader
    * Bluetooth®
    * IrDA
    * Simple Mode
    * WiFi
    * Global Roaming Service
    * 3G High Speed
    * PC Mail
    * Graphic Mail
    * Chaku-Uta Full®/Chaku-Uta®

    * E-Comics
    * S! Appli
    * S! Music Connect
    * S! Information Channel
    * S! Quick News
    * Customized Screen
    * Chaku Graphic
    * S! Town
    * S! Friend’s Status; S! Circle Talk
    * Video Call*6
    * S! FeliCa (Mobile Suica)
    * S! GPS Navi
    * Mobile Widget
    * Double Number
    * S! Addressbook Back-up (SAB)

  26. Love the G1. Things _not_ important to me:
    – better camera or video cam
    – flash (only sux battery)
    – larger screen
    – smaller form

    The weight and battery life are great. Here are my own imaginary improvements to what is already the sweetest device I have played with on a cell network.

    Form Factor:
    – lanyard / cable attachment
    – shell with more grip on the plastic. The outer shell (battery cover and plastic case) is a bit slippery.

    Features / Specs:
    – bluetooth stereo audio (mentioned by someone else, but great feature that i would vote for)
    – standard hp jack (charging while listening is key, and for in the car)
    – ability to exchange/upgrade internal memory (e.g. 2 xD slots 1 for pix and general storage, 1 for internal memory)
    – if not upgradable internal memory, then more

    – Don’t really care, but i’d rather punch myself in the face than sign up with sprint or verizon. ATT is almost as bad, so just make it work with smaller providers that piggyback on other networks.

    – Anyone as long as they can match what HTC has done.

    Other than that, the G1 is a very nice to use and sleek device. My non-techie wife loves it.

  27. Form Factor
    -Sony Xperia
    -Touch pro 2

    -256mb Ram
    -8gb Rom
    -Micro SD expansion
    -800 x 600 Resolution!!!
    -Tegra 650 with Arm cortex A9
    or Zii.
    -5 mp camera with dual led
    or Xenon flash with Carl-Zess lens.
    -Wi-fi b/g with good coverage
    -Support both At&t and T-Mobil 3g networks
    -Root access! so I can flash it
    with custom made roms.

    -T-Mobil (preferably) or At&t
    or any other GSM carrier

    -Sony ericsson (preferably)
    or anybody else lol.

    Price: $400 unlocked
    $99 with contract

  28. * Form factor
    I like the G1’s slide-out qwerty, so I’d elect for that with a little more polish (the RUMOR slideout isnt bad either)

    * Features/Specs
    Mp3 player w/ 3.5mmm audio out (important for compatibility w/ varying audio systems)
    stereo bluetooth
    Built in stylus
    qwerty slide out keyboard (see above), w/ trackball
    on-screen keyboard when slide out is inactive
    16×9 screen ratio
    WiFi of course (g/n)
    usb for charging/data
    * Carrier
    Sprint PCS and other carries with large 3g networks
    * Manufacturer

  29. I want it to be an actual Google Phone; official support for Docs, Reader, Calendar (invites), Youtube (sign-in possibility).

  30. I just realized I put 4.8″ screen, when I meant 4.1″ (the same size as the Nokia N810 … basically, take the Touch Pro 2 (Rhodium 100) and scale the size up to an N800/N810, with room for a 5way dpad and android buttons on the face).

  31. – Same form as the iPhone

    – hardware spec : G1 (camera, wifi,…) + like a little laptop (good cpu, ram, screen res.)

    – VGA, HDMI connector, USB (for keyboard) connector.

    – solar power pannel on the back side.

    – camera with extra features : possibility to detect other light than what the human eyes can see :-) it should bring funny app.

    – less than $400

    – external device (?) : video projector

  32. 3D Screen !!!!!!!!!!

  33. Carriers
    -Tmobile, Verizon
    Form Factor
    -a sharp-edged cross between HTC G1 and HTC Max 4G with a pop-out stand
    -allowing for camera timers video viewing and apps like bubble to work w/o holding phone
    -ROM: 1GB
    -RAM: 288 MB
    -115 mm x 63 mm x 12 mm
    -3.8-inch TFT-LCD flat touch-sensitive screen with 480 x 800 WVGA resolution
    Device Control
    -Trackball with Enter button
    -5 face buttons
    -zoom bar
    -Slide-out 5-row QWERTY keyboard*
    -if you were to turn HTC Dream on its face, screen and keyboard would be flip-flopped
    -onscreen keyboard that changes orientation with rotated
    -Internal GPS antenna
    -HTC ExtUSB™ (11-pin mini-USB 2.0) &
    -Audio Jack
    -Main camera: 5.0 megapixel color camera with auto focus & LED flash
    -Second camera:VGA CMOS color camera
    Extended battery life
    Expansion Slot-microSD™ memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)
    Special Features
    -Digital Compass, Motion Sensor, FM Radio, proximity and ambient light sensor

  34. the form factor of the new huawei device, but made by a more solid manufacturer!! basically a nice metal case, full touch screen, decent CPU and camera with flash… 2 microSD slots would also be useful until they get the 32gb cards up and running properly, and last but not least – let us buy them in the shops off contract!

    also a 3.5mm jack would be ideal so i can use proper spec headphones, and if was to go proper wild i would say a wireless charger would just tip me over the edge… (hey if palm and samsung can get it right, why cant everyone else…)

    small things like a cable grip for a lanyon, and some clever hardware based applications for video, bluetooth functions etc… plus root access so that once we buy it, we decide what the thing is running… hey if i buy it its mine!!

  35. The perfect android
    Well while I do love my g1 it dose leave me wishing for a few things
    Form, something like the BB storm a tuchscreen keyboard for quick hellos and a hardwear key bord for thgose longer e mails

    A real cam would be nice say 8 or 10 mpix ( samsung got a 12so I know they can) with flash, and zoom video and audio outs a bigger screen
    Bluth thoth stero, the ability to copy and past anything ( likr in WM), and may be a form of open office or somwthing and deff need more phone mem id be happy wit 8 gigs, and 2 sims. On. T mobile would be great as for maker I love htc but as long as its not apple or anothgr black burry I’m happy

  36. Htc
    T-mo or at&t
    Res similar to the iphone
    All touch screen
    8gb intern
    Sd slot to16extra

  37. The Nokia N97 has a great form factor. Perhaps a sliding keyboard would be better.

    Either that or the n5800 / iphone with a small bluetooth keyboard that would clip onto the phone.

    Android is looking excellent as a platform, but thus far the phones haven’t done it justice.

  38. Genie, for my first wish:

    * Form factor : Palm Pre
    * Features/Specs : Put apps on SD card
    With GSM + IEN compatibility ( For when I finally ditch Sprint).
    Oh, yeah, and EVDO speed :)
    * Carrier : Sprint (NOW DAMMIT! My patience is waning)
    * Manufacturer : Don’t care ( ANYBODY, JUST DO IT NOW! )

    Genie, for my second wish:

    * Make the carriers stop trying to charge for BS like texting, forwarding, and other features that should be standard.

    Genie, for my third wish:

    * Laptop tethering for everyone!

  39. -4.8+ inch Half-XGA multitouch screen (16×9)
    -1+ghz proc
    -512+ MB RAM
    -4+GB built in storage memory
    -removable storage slot (such as sdhc)
    -bluetooth version 2.x+ and EDR / A2DP support
    -wifi (802.11g and 802.11n)
    -3G (evdo) AND 4G (wimax) capable
    -retractable physical qwerty keyboard
    -8+ external programmable buttons and a trackball or “trackpoint” style pointer control
    -camera (5+MP still and 480i+ video flash/light/night vision/image stabilization/optical zoom)
    -good speaker
    -serious vibrate function
    -fits in pocket or strapped on arm
    -USB adaptable data/internet connection/headphone port/jack
    -Android 3.x+ support
    preferred option:
    -excellent fuel cell life (8+ hour talktime/gametime)
    note: no charging port because fuel cell takes lighter fluid
    OR less preferred option:
    -excellent battery life (8+ hour talktime/gametime) AND recharging via solar and/or body energy

  40. Sorry, I forgot
    -solar and/or body energy and/or gyro energy when available

  41. my perfect android phone will be something along the lines of G1 in terms of specs,
    will have bluetooth that is capable of obex and other bluetooth functions, a front side camera for video calling and it should have a hardware keyboard.

    excellent battery life is also a bonus.

  42. – extern GPIO to control a robot
    – an IR emitter to replace my remote

  43. -usb hostmode

  44. You know what a Russian nesting doll is, right?

    I’d like my Android phone to be the smallest doll –
    I’d like it to nest (when not mobile) onto a 10′ touchscreen Android Tablet.
    In turn the Android Tablet can USB Nest directly to PC.

    I’d like to see Samsung build both and the Tablet should be tightly integrated with Adobe pdf, flash, multi-media, google cloud, etc.

    The phone keyboard should be designed with a nod toward organic industrial design/ergonomics (this typed on G1 – ooww!)
    Seriously – think outside the box for a better ‘key-way’

  45. my dream phone:
    Same body as DSTL1 by General mobile
    slide out qwerty physical keyboard.
    12 megapixel camera
    verizion wireless
    multi touch screen
    itunes compatible
    usb port
    microsoft office for android
    full HD Screen
    coffe maker ( :
    1 tb storage
    same as an ipod for video/music functionality
    weather station
    4G and 3G
    intel atom processor
    google voice
    solar/gyro charging
    slide out # pad
    video camera

  46. oh and sd card capability

  47. ok heres where the real magic is going to come from… A fully customizable phone. Meaning users should be able to purchase different cameras different features that are removable from the main core unit(the part that contains the main memory and phone service as well as multiple connection points (probably USB2.0 or faster). These days most things like bluetooth and wifi are able to be put on tiny chips. Features such as GPS and 2D acceleration detection are also able to be put on small chips.
    Screen choice of touch/non-touch,high-def/standard/sizes. If someone wants a slide out physical keyboard they can buy one; if they want a flip phone they can get that. Screw on shells will keep all the components together securely based on the number of components and configuration. With multiple points of connecting new features will be upgradeable and customizable.
    I feel Google is all about customization and user experience why not make that in a phone. Users will be able to show off their features to friends and say “hey I love this” and “hey that looks cool.” What company doesn’t want that?

  48. A larger phone with 800*480 screen resolution with at least a 3.6 inch screen and keyboard would be perfect form wise.

    Rooted with access to paid apps.
    Tether enabled.
    normal linux toolchains.
    Multiboot ( into ubuntu or debian )
    512 Ram at least. ( program memory not storage )
    600+ cortex or faster processor,
    3d accelleration.
    With all the above price is NOT an issue, i would buy this at ANY cost.

  49. I’m currently using an HTC Touch, with XDA Dev’s Vogue port, on Sprint. I have an 8 GB microSD card in it, so I have plenty of storage.

    Improvements I’d like to see:

    * This phone doesn’t have the tilt sensor or the compass. I’d like to have both.

    * The GPS doesn’t seem to work well with hiking/biking apps. Not sure if that is hardware or software. It works well enough with Google Maps, but it does not seem to be able to calculate velocity. I would like that, as I’m getting a lot of exercise on my bike.

    * Existing camera is decent. Would like to see more choices on resolution than MMS (320×240?) and full (2 Mpix). This is a software thing. The phone has multiple resolutions to choose from in WinMo 6.1 (which is the original OS on the phone), so the phone can do this.

    * The screen is 2.8 inches, QVGA. Yes, I know it keeps the form factor small, but the screen is TOO D**NED SMALL! I’d hate to try running higher res on that small size. Closer to 4 inches would be better.

    * I don’t know that I’d change the button layout at all. The side-mounted slide up/down is very intuitive for back/menu.

    * Definitely want a 3.5mm headphone jack. I’m currently using a splitter to feed power via USB and break out a separate 2.5mm headset jack, then using a 2.5mm -> 3.5mm adaptor to attach headphones. This is cumbersome. Others have suggested separate 3.5mm headphone for audio and mini-USB for power/data. I think that would be excellent.

    * Oh, and I’m paying extra cash to Sprint each month for tethering. Unfortunately, I have to reboot the phone into WinMo to be able to use it. I realize T-Mobile has the only “official” Android phone at the moment, and they forbid tethering, but would it be too much to ask for everyone else to get to use tethering? Note: I routinely use HTTP, FTP, SSH and Rsync over said connection. Proxying an HTTP-only connection is not sufficient. Having the phone show up as a wired Ethernet connection (which is what happens in WinMo) would be nice, but I’d also be happy if my laptop would see it as a modem (which happened with my prior, non-Android cellphone).

    * Wifi would be nice. Sprint has very little signal at my home, and it is NOT 3G speed. Being able to hit my Wifi hotspot would be nice (really good 3G connectivity at work and other places where I hang out).

    * Oh, and if someone would make a backplate for the phone which has photovoltaics on it, and provide a way to feed any collected energy into the battery, that would be the icing on the cake. Cranking tunes, using Google Maps to navigate, etc. really chews up the battery. I don’t know that they could make a battery which can keep up with my usage.

  50. It hasn’t been even two years since the g1 has been out. It is so outdated for a two year contract. positives: querty keyboard is still excellent. screen is okay. buttons still work well. negatives not enough processor speed. not enough ROM/RAM. no flash no forward camera. screen too small. what do i hear about then. most people did not say anything about the processor or ram/rom. top phones now have 1ghz and 512 ROM/RAM. i will be eligible around december of 2010 for a full upgrade which is project emerald is supposed to come out. it is supposed to have in may said 1ghz now in june saying two 800mhz processors. i think this is good. will it still be a good phone in 2 years. it might i think 1ghz will cut it till the end of the year. i haven’t heard about the RAM/ROM. i can tell you 512 is not going to cut it for 2 years. will 1ghz RAM/ROM work. maybe i like to see 1.5 ghz ROM/RAM. i forsee much better graphics much faster broadband speed much improved userability requiring higher ROM. 4 inch screen min. 2 1ghz processors i really like to see full 5 row keyboard with buttons like my touch slide. 2 cameras back with xenon flash. now manufactors if this means thicker phone. I an all for that. what would you rather have a phone that can’t perform or a fat phone that hauls. me a fat phone. Now Htc motorola samsung get working I need a phone by December 2010.

  51. Let me add at least 32 gb of onboard storage. With a sd card of 128 of card storage.

  52. Build quality /form factor to HTC HD2 – (w/o physical buttons) but with a stainless front bezel. Thicken the phone marginally.. Maybe 1/8 th inch to allow for a 2000+ mAh battery.

    Front and rear cameras, 16gb internal storage, 1 ghz dual core, micro sdhc slot ala HTC Incredible, (not under the battery like the Evo), 2 gb ultra fast nand RAM, wireless n radio, wi fi direct capability (google it), and some sort of interface to mirror the display along with google tv connectivity.

    Verizon 4G LTE.

    This phone would come rooted with CM 7.

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