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Alright folks, take a look at this video of VMWare for mobile devices – a demo of the Nokia N800 running VMWare’s MVP hypervisor that allows Windows (Embedded CE 6.0) and Android to be booted up and running simultaneously as if they were merely applications and not entire OSes. Its awesomeness pretty much speaks for itself:

I’m sure there are plenty of people who would like to run Windows for work out of pure comfort and Android for fun because of its ever increasing number of cool apps and games. We hope that Android’s depth of apps will reduce the need/desire for such a feature but its a security blanket that serves a purpose. It’s impressive to say the least, but before this comes to market a manufacturer will need to license the technology and embed it in their handsets… but is the demand for this type of flexibility enough to warrant that?

Show of hands – who would fork over the dough to get a phone running both Windows and Android instead of Android alone?

[Via Gizmodo]

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  1. This is great as it should be!
    On smartphones too please!!!
    Let’s say htc touch pro 2????

  2. I think I might. Depends on price point. It’d be helpful sometimes to have a copy of windows to run things, but if the price isn’t there it wouldn’t be a huge drawback for me not to have it.

  3. I’d give $20 tops for it as long as it ran smooth and load times weren’t horrible.

  4. Wait what? Microsoft has a mobile OS?
    /end sarcasm

    Anything windows can do android can probably do better, its just a matter of waiting for someone to make the application. Also, with android being open and customizable, if windows mobile had a really cool feature it will most likely be able to be duplicated for android by either Google or a 3rd party.

    So no, I’ve had enough of paying extra for Windows crap.

    Disclaimer: I’m not a fan of Microsoft.

  5. a dual boot android device would have almost no appeal unless the second(third, fourth …) os is some kind of Open source Os. Maybe Symbian, rooted android, android RC29, android rc30, android rc33, android cupcake, maybe some kind of BSD all on a single device. That would rock out. Oh damn now I think I have to change my underwear.

  6. I would not pay for such a feature, as I have no use for it. And I think Solid’s comment makes absolutely no sense, no offense.

  7. There are some videos that my pocket pc would play that my g1 won’t. Also a camera with a decent shutter would be nice. I also wish that I had a great flash player so I can play fun games such as Fantastic Contraption and Bloody Pingu Smash.

  8. This would be slow as F**k unless VMware managed to work around the fact that you can’t have applications in machine code, only with the Android SDK java, which would not be good for something like this.

  9. @Jonno
    I have a developer phone. I think it would be really cool to boot my dev phone into any version of android I want (maybe other OSes too) so I can test my apps on all versions using a single device. That floors me is that people are not exploring the full potential of these devices. There would be alot more/cooler apps if the developers could gain lower level access to these devices than the android java API. For instance, the people who have hacked android to use debian instead of the regular android kernel have the ability to run native apps like firefox, KDE/gnome, etc. I have even seen people using hacked android kernels to provide wifi tethering, and playing Doom on their phones. Your possibilities are endless once you have complete access from the bootloader up. Unfortunately, alot of developers, like me, are not willing to sacrifice the stability of the Official build in order to test on all these other outrageous configurations. I can tell you though, that there are at least 2 apps that I would have on the market right now for rooted G1s if I had a rooted environment to test in. But I am not willing to blow off the official tmobile updates to get it.

  10. @solid – tmobile updates? You’re joking aren’t you?

    Do you really think that T-Mobile are working on bringing you features to the G1? All the good stuff comes from HTC or other companies. T-Mobile just stick their branding, and limitations, all over it.

    Also consider:
    – Anything decent added by t-mobile, and other operators, are normally merged into the alternately available roms
    – Nandroid allows you to take a complete backup of you phone, so you can ‘go back’
    – Just flashing an office T-Mobile rom back onto your phone would give their updates back.

    So, what are you waiting for? Get it hacked!

  11. The reason why i still want windows mobile is that the best playstation emulator is on windows mobile FPSEce.
    It totally devastates all the other psx emulators on the iphone.

  12. I want that on my laptop too.

  13. Absolutely, but I wouldn’t pay much for it. There are definitely things that Windows does that Android can’t, most importantly run programs that were designed for it.

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