HTC G2 “Dream” Leaked for Vodafone?



Well folks, it looks like we’re getting some more of that “official-ness” we’ve all been looking for at MWC this morning. Although there’s still a chance that this here possible G2 is a user mock-up, I’m placing my bet on the fact that it’s real. From what we know so far, the specs (as far as performance goes) are pretty much the same: HSDPA, WiFi, GPS, 3.2 MEGA Pixels. (Yeah, MEGA cool!)

However, during HTC’s press conference earlier today, nary a blip was spilt on this little beauty. Could this hint at a late MWC debut of some kind? Maybe just an announcement a few weeks after? Who knows. Either way, assuming the hardware is legit (Good Photoshop job, if not!), I’m not seeing any functionality for a slide-out-of-the-bottom keyboard…that means one thing (and, therefore, a few things)…our favorite “we’re bored” topic – CUPCAKE!

P.S. – Talking with everyone on Twitter has been really fun! Make sure to keep messages/questions coming. I’m using “Twidroid” on my G1 and it’s easier than ever to reply to your criticism of my horrible stories! Yeah…and your accolades. Anyway, hit up the link below to follow me @spencergardner – seeya soon!


Spencer Gardner
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  1. So , the G2 surfaces. Reports here in the UK on techradar show that this will be running the updated version of the OS ie.Cupcake…….now I am a little miffed where are the upgrades for the loyal gals and boys that got the G1….if I know vodaphone they have probably written something into the contract so the “original ” G phone users will never get to taste the Cupcake…….severely smegged off…….

  2. I hope this isn’t the real g2 its even uglier then the first one…lol love my g1 though!

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