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telenav_gps_navigator-g1-screensCraving Turn-By-Turn Navigation for your T-Mobile G1? February 24th the wait will be over as TeleNav is bringing their service to the Android platform. You’ll be able to download the free 30-day trial directly from their website and it’ll cost $9.99/month thereafter. Once paid apps on the Android Market launch, we’re 99.99999999% sure you’ll find it there as well. Let’s dive into what TeleNav has to offer us.

Here is a (long) 18-minute video demo from ZDNet:

And directly from the TeleNav Website we can see the list of features promised for TeleNav for the T-Mobile G1:

  • Turn-by-turn driving directions by voice and onscreen.
  • Business Directory with more than 10 million points of interest
  • Full-color 3D maps nationwide
  • Audio traffic alerts and one-click rerouting
  • No more expensive 411 calls

Drive to:

  • 3D moving maps in landscape and portrait mode
  • Name and address speech recognition
  • Automatic reroute if a turn is missed
  • Traffic alerts and one-click rerouting


  • Business finder
  • Gas by price
  • Search along route
  • Restaurant ratings and reviews

Maps and Traffic:

  • Current location map
  • Business locations map
  • Map, traffic and route summary views

And More:

  • Commute alerts
  • Current weather and five-day forecasts
  • Night-time map color
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  1. Monthly service for GPS software? Way lame.

  2. Yeah, I *want* turn by turn, but not for $10 a month. What does that mean, the maps won’t be loaded onto my SD Card? Ok, how is that worth the extra money over Google Maps, the same company that designed my OS.

    I want the maps loaded onto my SD card = no internet required. I’ll be happy to pay $50 for the app, but NO MONTHLY.

    Load a hotel ad on their when traffic is loaded = more revenue. Nope, not buying into it telenav

  3. Monthly cost is what turned me away. I think Ill stick to my “one time payment” Magellan GPS.

  4. Make it $1/month and maybe.

  5. Subscription fee? No thanks. Can’t I just download the maps to my SD card and pay to get them updated every year or whatever?

  6. I use TeleNav, Glad to hear its coming to Android, takes almost no space on device and gives live data. Its included in my package but I would probably sign up if it wasn’t. Only if Google Maps had 3d turn by turn with audio and a better GUI for actual navigation.
    Also tried local Navigation software, good if no signal available since it would keep working but have to reload maps if I traveled outside the area or waste sd space with useless maps for those just-in-case random drives.


  7. Yeah… I’m not buying it for $10 a month. One time fee, and maps were stored on the SD card, then I’d buy it.

  8. Monthly? No thanks not worth it

  9. Still trying to figure out how they justify the cost.
    You can buy a unit w/ unlimited service for the price of 1 year of their service.

  10. Unfortunately, my comment is not new (although, I decided on it before I saw other comments). The $10/mo.? No way. Per year? Yeah. Maybe.
    Hey, start small. You’re only starting. In future, who knows what will happen. Just a suggestion.

  11. 411 was made obsolete by Google 411.

    Since this is a streaming service, most of the other features on that list are also irrelevant since Google Maps does the same thing. If they made the data downloadable to an SD card, then this would have some form of value.

    The “Search along route” feature sounds good though… its frustrating that my Nuvi doesn’t do that.

  12. Sorry. Another comment after reading comments above. The map “download to SD” feature is the hot thing. You don’t have the Internet everywhere.

  13. I used the subscription-service on my Nokia N95, and I actually like it.
    If this is something like what Nokia provides, I really think it’s a good way to make a living of GPS software (maps and instructions are quite expensive to make).

    On the N95 – unlike most other GPS-software – all the maps (from ALL the world) are free, so you can download the maps you want, search for locations and addresses, add waypoints I.E without any cost. The only thing you pay for is the turn-by-turn instructions.
    95% of the time I do not need such instructions. I want to search for an address, but when I see it on the map, I can usually get there without further instructions. The only time I need instructions is when I’m driving in a new city for the first time.
    So I really think it’s better to have the software and maps for free, and pay for the instructions – either day by day, or month by month, when I need them.

  14. $10 a month for something I can get from my dash GPS for a one time cost of $80? forget it. I hope no one signs up for this product.

  15. The new HTC Android contains the GPS Chip, Android is open source and we develop programs to working into it.
    forget this product.

  16. $10 X 12months = $120, I can get a TOMTOM ONE, why this little tiny thing? 2 years for $240, wow, for $240 you can get any GPS you want. 4 years $480, get a laptop maybe.its 2010, not 1990, which GPS still charge by month?

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