WTFcake: Cupcake Hits Market – It’s an Absolute Joke.



Yes, folks. Yes. Cupcake has officially hit the Android Market. And it couldn’t be soon enough – I was just about to make another ridiculous review comment on another app, asking for an OTA update.  Of course, certain other G1 owners have already taken care of that problem. The iPhone firmware update 2.2.1 just hit today, and I’m assuming Google just couldn’t contain the urge to unleash their fury.

Okay – this is what you’ve been waiting for, right!? Er…Wrong. Someone finally had an ingenious idea to capitalize on the seemingly endless droves of G1 users who are pleading, nay, begging for The Cupcake. So this supposed “genius” has developed an app that is dubbed, simply: Cupcake. His somewhat hypocritical remarks on the app description communicate something to the effect of “Stop commenting on apps about Cupcake. You guys!”. So he decided to take things into his own hands and make an app called Cupcake. Something doesn’t seem right here…

Either way, it’s out there, if you want it. Go ahead and download it – you’ll get even more commenting fun, kind of like a chat room, where you can talk with fools others about their longing for Cupcake like Christmas. What fun. Please be sure to keep those Cupcakes wishlists coming to our site (no).


Spencer Gardner
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  1. While amusing/annoying, i appreciate the sentiment of the app. The worst thing about this whole venture so far is not the market as a whole, but the comment system for apps. I can’t stand seeing the inflammatory remarks, cursing, useless ads for people’s web sites and whatever the line “yo dawgz diz is dah hizzy in ur boom wid yo bam bam” means. Market needs a language filter (even if it just replaces with ****) and/or a slashdot style karma system where we can vote down useless comments.

    oh, btw, 1st. b***es.

  2. David – I haven’t laughed that hard for a LONG time! You just summed up almost exactly how I feel about the market but hadn’t had the time to post. And the last line of that comment – absolutely hilarious. I’ll have to use that in a future Market post, and give you some credit :)

  3. I think this is the way nearly every sensible/mature user of the market feels. I cannot for the life of me think why google have not sorted this out with moderation. Their “freedom of speach” stance is farcical.

  4. On a serious note (not that I’m not seriously that irritated by the market) I have spoken to a couple people who very likely are in the know and google does plan to take action and fix this. I don’t know exactly how, but I suggested both my ideas to them. As we know it’s always a balance in an open source minded project between usability and adhering to the persona of an open market, but I think google realizes that if/when the majority of android users are not the geek crowd then this sort of dilemma will not be a good thing.

    Here’s to wishing I had any clue what the schedule is =)

  5. Alittle late with this arn’t we? It been up for a week or so.

  6. This is late.

    However I was happy to see the app. People were driving me crazy talking about cupcake in the comments and I don’t believe half of them even know what it is. I actually had the idea of developing a chat forum to get the idiots off the market comments but this guy beat me to it and I’m glad he did.

    The other annoying thing about the market is all the idiots that download every single app that comes out…even if its just a library like Mono (even though I hate Mono). Then they complain about it not working and post that it sucks. For some reason I just can’t read past that crap and it aggravates the hell out of me.

  7. That cupcake app dropped over a week ago O_o

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