Google Outs Pricing Guidelines for Android Market



Google: The maximum price point of an application is $200.

Me: So, $200…you mean, if I create an app called “I’m Rich, Snitch” that simply shows a chest of treasure, and I let a user purchase it just to show off, that you’ll “accept” it.

Google: Of course! As long as we get a free copy to show our friends. We know, we know…it costs a lot to develop an app like this, but those are the terms!

Me: Cool beans!

Okay, so…maybe I’m a little harsh on Google for the whole “terms” comment, but I don’t quite understand how Google can now call it an open Market that follows loose guidelines. The whole idea behind this Market scheme is to allow the developer to really harness the power of the multitudes of mobile handset users and make some moula, while giving some awesome functionality to the end-user.

However, I don’t see any practical purpose for a $201+ application. But if a few of them ever showed themselves in the wild, I’m sure Google would consider changing the terms. So much for that “Prospectivity” concept we (I) learned in History class. This price barrier could prove to be a good thing, though: those of you that follow me know that I’m already pretty fed up with the comments and even spam applications on Market, as of now. I do my best with RC33 to calm the unnecessary and horribly annoying comments (and I’d ask you to please, kindly, go through the apps you’ve put reviews on and mark the inappropriate comments as spam!), so hopefully this $.99 – $200 price range will keep some jerk from making a fool of  Android’s good name. Sometimes I wonder to myself how I could say such a thing, as this is the entire reason I left Apple and their iPhone, I wanted free, open, space for applications. However, I think of it more as the “Great Compromise” of the United States…the little guys should have some power to do what they like, but the big guys need some power to regulate a bit,too. (Give me a break, people, it’s President’s Day!)

So, sorry rich dude, now “I’m Rich, Snitch” app this go-around. Maybe next time, eh?


[Gizmodo via Ars Technica via AndroidCentral via IntoMobile]

Spencer Gardner
Spencer sheds blood, sweat, and sometimes tears over each and every story that is written. All in the name of Sci..er..Android! He also runs many miles many days of the year and hugely enjoys the tech world in general.

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  1. Who in their right mind would pay $200 bucks for a cell phone app. You could buy a netbook with a full blown OS for that price. Its not like your going to see full blown AutoCAD or Photoshop on Android.

  2. You never know. Adobe is a money hungry corporation! lol i think the most that people would pay for would be games. but i don’t see any justification for a $200 game

  3. Spencer – I see where you’re going “its not totally open/free to do what you want” thing, but come on, you’re asking for NO LIMIT? and you’re asking for no one to ruin the good Android name?

    so what happens when you see apps on the market for $1,000, and then see all the blog posts online bashing the market and $1,000 apps that don’t do anything. See what happens to the Android name then

  4. I think the $200 app is certainly possible for a subset of users. Imagine a business contracts with a company to build a construction job site application that ties to their enterprise. I am sure the mobile module could easily be worth a one time $200 fee instead of a $10 monthly fee. In this way the company absorbs a one time cost. It is very possible for the right applications but most likely they won’t be for general consumption.

    Finally if you wanted to sell something for more you could do it outside the market distribution model.

  5. Aren’t we all forgetting about inflation? The treasury has to go print a trillion dollars we don’t have to fund the new bailout plan. Soon $200 will be the price of a movie ticket or an ice cream cone! :-)

  6. MMMMM. Ice cream cone.

  7. Ummm, piracy, here we come!!! Lol…if apps sell for over 20, its a shame….I wouldn’t pay 100 of an app that I can dl on my xp comp for free. Lol….quickoffice for 20 is a nightmare. Let the piracy commence. Lol.

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