Feb 12th, 2009

tunewikiThere is a reason that TuneWiki was in the Android Developers Challenge Top 10 and in our TuneWiki Review we showed just why it was (and is) one of the most popular applications on the Android Market. It syncs songs on your phone with lyrics, brings up YouTube videos of those songs and shows lyrics with the video, has social/geo networking features and simply put – rocks (or raps, country’s, etc…).

The TuneWiki team have now extended their concept to support streaming radio. Check it out:

It’s not fully automated and if you watch the video its not hard to figure out why. If you have a car stereo post-2004 or so, your little CD player/radio screen probably scrolls the name of the station, artist and song via ID3 Tags or what have you while you’re listening. I think its safe to say that these streaming radio stations pass the artist/song along in their data stream and TuneWiki uses that data to find the relevant lyrics. That would explain why you have to choose your “place” in the song to follow along… TuneWiki can figure out what pace to scroll lyrics once it finds the artist/song/place in the song but radio has commercials, DJs talking, cuts in/out, fades and other elements that alter the traidional timing of tracks.

Any way you look at it, TuneWiki is offering another great feature here. The streaming radio in and of itself is pretty cool… and then they lyrics are right there for you when you need them. It would be interesting to see how use of this portion of the app would affect battery life. Lyrics Radio should be coming to the Android Market soon so test it out and let us know what you think!

[Via AndroidGuys]