TuneWiki: Music, Lyrics, YouTube & Karaoke Collide


TuneWiki is one of the most popular applications on the Android Market… and for GREAT reason: it absolutely rocks. TuneWiki takes any song in your music library and automatically syncs and displays lyrics so you can follow (and hopefully not sing) along.

You can see that its packed with a ton of features allowing to search related videos on YouTube, Top 50 lists, custom playlists, Free Music Downloads, Social Music Maps and much more. The TuneWiki COMMUNITY is an important aspect because the application relies on contributors to “sync” songs that have not yet been synced or that are improperly synced.

I tested the syncing process with Android Rap Song and it was amazingly easy. You can also add your own lyrics through the TuneWiki website which will help keep the app up to date with new songs from your favorite artists.

As you can see from the video, one of the only downsides was the Social Music Map that displays what other TuneWiki users near your current location – and around the world – are listening to. Pressing on the little TuneWiki logos and zooming in and out was very unresponsive at times while other times it worked instantaneously. You could chalk this up to a spotty T-Mobile network, I’m not quite sure where the blame should fall in this case.

But overall, TuneWiki is an outrageous success and I’d recommend every G1 owner download it and keep it a couple thumb taps away. While not perfect… TuneWiki is probably as close to perfect any Android Application has come thus far and we’ll be keeping an eye on the devs over there to see what other exciting stuff they have for us in the future!

Rob Jackson
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