Android Developer Challenge: Winners Announced!


WHAT a DAY and WEEK for ANDROID! The winners of the ADC Round 1 have been announced! Here is a QUICK list of the winners. Stay tuned for another post with details on all the winners in coming hours.

$275,000 Winners

  1. Cab4Me
  2. Compare Everywhere (Formerly SCAN)
  3. Ecorio
  4. GoCart
  5. Life360
  6. Locale
  7. PicSay
  8. Softrace
  9. TuneWiki
  10. Wertago

$100,000 Winners

  1. BreadCrumbz
  2. Cooking Capsules
  3. Maverick
  4. PebbleBox
  5. PhoneBook 2.0
  6. PiggyBack
  7. Pocket Journey
  8. Rayfarla
  9. ShareYourBoard
  10. Teradesk e-Storage

Other Finalists

  1. B4E
  2. Beetaun
  3. BioWallet
  4. City Slikkers
  5. Commandro
  6. Diggin
  7. Dyno
  8. e-ventr
  9. Em-Radar
  10. Fingerpaint
  11. FreeFamilyWatch.com
  12. GolfPlay
  13. gWalk
  14. iMap Mobile
  15. IMEasy
  16. Joyity
  17. LifeAware
  18. Marvin
  19. Mobeedo
  20. MyCloset
  21. PedNav
  22. SafetyNet
  23. ShapeWriter
  24. Social Monster
  25. SplashPlay
  26. Sustain
  27. SynchroSpot
  28. The Weather Channel For Android
  29. TokPlay
  30. WikiTude

Here is the post from the Android Developer’s Blog highlighting the announcement:

Since we started the first Android Developer Challenge late last year, we all have been eager to see who the winners of $275,000 and $100,000 would be. All 50 applications that emerged from Round 1 of ADC I showed great promise, and these teams have been working intensely for the past several months to polish their apps for the final round.

Similar to round 1 we sent laptops preconfigured with the judging environment, emulator, and all entries to each of our seven judges. In this round, each judge reviewed all 50 applications, took collaborative notes and gave initial scores. Then, all judges met together over conference calls to discuss and debate these applications, finally coming to consensus on which applications should receive $275,000 and which should receive $100,000.

We’re pleased to present all of the winners and finalists in our detailed ADC gallery. Peruse and enjoy — there are awesome applications and unique uses of the Android platform. We would like to congratulate the winners and thank all the entrants for their hard work!

[Via ADC Gallery]

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