Oct 25th, 2008

Sprint has long been rumored to be delivering an Android Phone sooner rather than later and was supposedly only waiting for their new 4G WiMax service to cover a broader range. That’s not the case. According to a Reuters article, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse told a group media folks that Android – in its curent form – isn’t “good enough enough to put the Sprint brand on it.”

OUCH! Is he just blowing smoke? Afterall he DID promise this same group that Sprint would sell an Android Phone “at some time in the future.”

There are a few possibilities here:

  • He actually thinks Android sucks
  • He really thinks Android Market just needs more applications
  • He is trying to act tough/cool to inflate the ego of Sprint
  • He knows an Android Phone is coming early Q1 2009 and wants to deflect rumors
  • He doesn’t want to help T-Mobile by admitting Android is the sick-nasty

My feeling is that Sprint’s leaning A LOT on the potential success and spread of WiMax/XOHM and they want to see this technology spread and release an Android Phone for it. I mean seriously… can you imagine getting speeds FASTER than WiFi from your PHONE across an entire CITY?

But for that to happen it is a waiting game… so why give credit to the Android Phones to come before? Either way it seems like a pretty low blow. For Android to be a complete success, the proliferation of new devices across many carriers and regions is of primary importance. Sprint “dissing” Android is NOT a good sign for the platform.

T-Mobile is on board but… how long until the other carriers launch an Android Device? They better hurry up because Android and the G1 are going to sell like HOT cakes for T-Mobile until another Android device come out. Mark my words on that.

Check out the conversation on Android Forums regarding which manufacturer/carrier will have an Android Phone next.

[Via Reuters, Thanks Kurt!]

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