Sprint CEO: Android Not Good Enough For Us


Sprint has long been rumored to be delivering an Android Phone sooner rather than later and was supposedly only waiting for their new 4G WiMax service to cover a broader range. That’s not the case. According to a Reuters article, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse told a group media folks that Android – in its curent form – isn’t “good enough enough to put the Sprint brand on it.”

OUCH! Is he just blowing smoke? Afterall he DID promise this same group that Sprint would sell an Android Phone “at some time in the future.”

There are a few possibilities here:

  • He actually thinks Android sucks
  • He really thinks Android Market just needs more applications
  • He is trying to act tough/cool to inflate the ego of Sprint
  • He knows an Android Phone is coming early Q1 2009 and wants to deflect rumors
  • He doesn’t want to help T-Mobile by admitting Android is the sick-nasty

My feeling is that Sprint’s leaning A LOT on the potential success and spread of WiMax/XOHM and they want to see this technology spread and release an Android Phone for it. I mean seriously… can you imagine getting speeds FASTER than WiFi from your PHONE across an entire CITY?

But for that to happen it is a waiting game… so why give credit to the Android Phones to come before? Either way it seems like a pretty low blow. For Android to be a complete success, the proliferation of new devices across many carriers and regions is of primary importance. Sprint “dissing” Android is NOT a good sign for the platform.

T-Mobile is on board but… how long until the other carriers launch an Android Device? They better hurry up because Android and the G1 are going to sell like HOT cakes for T-Mobile until another Android device come out. Mark my words on that.

Check out the conversation on Android Forums regarding which manufacturer/carrier will have an Android Phone next.

[Via Reuters, Thanks Kurt!]

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  1. I am pleased with my G1 Android. First, let me say that I owned a 1st gen iPhone (EDGE) and 2nd Gen iPhone (3G). I sold them basically to thrill costs, no complaints really other than the temptation to spend money on iTunes, especically on videos. Got the G1 because it reminded me of a netbook, only smaller. I’m also a Gmail user. I’m hoping the app store for G1 eventually becomes what everyone hoped. I am puzzled as to why the G1 doesn’t work with Google apps, it’s not like I can download Office Mobile on the G1, so I’m screwed there.

  2. Well then i think Mr. Hesse may just start losing customers. I had been hoping for some announcement before the end of the to keep me from moving to T-mobile. I do like the phone, and the promise it could have. Why cant sprint relase a phone that works on their current tech then 9 months later release one foe the WiMax. It seems AT&T did it with the i phone and sold some people 2 phones. But like normal sprint is not smart enough to do this.

    Oh well. guess its time to find my local t-mo store and get a new phone.

  3. Are customers also not good enough for Sprint? They seem to be losing those at a breakneck pace. Bold, silly statements like this arent going to help matters.

  4. This guy is the one that believed the Samsung Instinct and it was a failure now Android aint good enough man this guy does not no sh*t about phones or OS – Sprint get a new CEO he is going to bankrupt you guys !!! Hot phones with and Android = MUCHO $$$$$$$

  5. Hi, my name is BJ DeHut, and I’m a representative for Sprint. We appreciate the discussions that Dan Hesse’s comments have caused, but we believe his words were taken out of context about Android. Here is a statement from James Fisher, a member of Sprint’s communications organization, who was in the room at the National Press Club for Dan Hesse’s speech:

    “I’m in Sprint’s communications organization, and I actually was in the room at the National Press Club for Dan Hesse’s speech. As with any single comment from a speech, it’s important to understand the context. Rather than criticize Google, Sprint is a partner with Google (it’s the default search provider on Sprint phones) and we are a very strong supporter of the Android community as a charter member of the Open Handset Alliance. We are interested in developing an Android-based handset, but we would want to make sure it fully leverages all of the advances of Sprint’s current handsets and the data strength of our wireless network. We have a unique approach to making data use easy, intuitive and simply priced. I think what Dan meant is that, only when we are certain we have fully leveraged all the advantages of Android with the advantages we’re known for, that’s when we’d introduce our Android handset. And as for speculation from anonymous folks about our plans, industry folks always trade gossip, but it’s not always true. ”

    Source: http://www.alleyinsider.com/2008/10/sprint-ceo-disses-google-s-android-phone-wishes-he-had-one-s-/page/1#comment-4905d5d314b9b932003811a4

    If you have any further questions about Dan Hesse’s comments about the Android phone, feel free to email me at [email protected]

  6. ive been a loyal sprint customer for 6 years. I have used and played with every sprint phone to the most recent. Not only have i only used sprint but i have also had the Iphone and the g1 that recently came out. With all that said i have pretty much used every phone on the U.S. network and want to say the samsung instinct is the worst and most boring phone i have ever used. I donmt know how you can support that phone and when i see the commercials comparing that to the iphone? I simply laugh!!! the Iphone is by far the best phone on the us market. the tmobile g1 is an ok phone. its not nearly as great as the iphone but its not bad and tmobile is SMART for coming out with that. TOO bad sprint isnt wise enough to add an android based phone (i think this would save sprint) i dont know how the instrinct can save sprint (its not even close to my iphone or g1 that i use) this is coming from a sprint owner.

    Once again i think an updated and new model of the android based g1 phone would save sprint. Ive been with them for 6 years and the more i see phones like iPhone, the G1 and the blackberry storm makes me want to leave. Just take a look at at&ts number from the iphone and also tmobiles from the g1.

  7. BJ DeHut wrote that Mr. Hesse s’ comments were taken out of context. How? That sounds an awful like someone from the Republican Party explaining Sara Palin’s many stupid remarks.

    I thought Mr. Hesse comment was rather arrogant, smug and well….if you really take it IN context, it was downright stupid.
    I too have been with Sprint for many years, and have stayed with Sprint only because of their “commitment” to the Android platform. Well that is a joke…on us.

    See you at a competing carrier in the near future.

  8. With the new Palm Pre coming out, I can see why Android may not come to Sprint just yet

  9. Hi i have been with sprint for at least 10 years maybe even longer than that, but the problem with sprint is they never come out with any new phones the keep the same phones forever. You see all these commercials with these different carriers advertising ne phones so why can sprint not do the same thing? I’m sorry but ya’ll are about to lose a very good customer if ya’ll don’t upgrade and get new phone because i am tired of it!!!

  10. Sprint likes the crap phones; “the more they brake, the more sprint makes” mentality. I.E. sprint is not good enough to have their name on an android or any other decent, reliable phone that is not hamstringed by Sprint.

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