Eraser Mark: 600,000 G1s By Year End


Remember that 1.5 Million G1s figure that was falsely floating around courtesy of Motley Fool? Yeah, they posted a suggestive article that guesstimated the number of G1s sold based on some simple incorrect math. Everyone and their baby mamma republished the figure… and we were as guilty as the rest.

But now the REAL figures are coming out, courtesy of HTC’s CEO – Eric Chou… 600,000 G1s shipped by the end of 2008 is the estimation. In an interview with Mercury News Chou said, “It will be more than what we originally planned. I’m saying we will ship more than 600,000.

I think thats a BIT more of a trust-worthy source and it also seems like it could be a low-ball figure. Afterall, the T-Mobile G1 ad campaign, said to be the largest ad campaign in T-Mobile history, hasn’t even launched yet. And… the holiday shopping season pretty much begins when Halloween ends.

So the G1 is brought back down to earth, statistically speaking… just thought this whole 1.5 million mishap should be put back in perspective once and for all.

[Via Android Guys]

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  1. Yes… These figures sound much more plausable.
    The 1.5 million units pre-ordered sounded way too high!

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