Joe Fedewa

Features Editor


40+ LG G6 Tips & Tricks

Apr 12th - LG likes to pack a lot of features into their devices. The G6 is no different. A lot of these features can be incredibly useful if you know how to use them (and where to look).


14 First things every LG G6 owner should do

Apr 10th - LG took a step back from the LG G5 and simplified things, but that doesn’t mean the G6 is lacking in features. There’s a ton of stuff you can do with this phone.


Photos Taken With The LG G6 [GALLERY]

Apr 5th - Check out our gallery of photos from the LG G6. We’ve got photos from the front cameras, wide-angle camera, and selfie camera. Are you impressed?


LG G6 Battery Life (first 24 hours)

Apr 4th - I’ve been playing with the LG G6 for over 24 hours now and it’s time to share some initial observations. I’ll start with battery life, which is obviously a very important part of every phone.