Joe Fedewa

Features Editor


HTC lays off a large portion of its US team

Feb 23rd - HTC has laid off a majority of the US team. These are people that work exclusively in the US market. The only employees remaining in the US office are those that work for HTC Global.


Google to introduce Android Go phones at MWC

Feb 22nd - We haven’t heard much about Android Go since the announcement. Several Google apps have received the “Go” treatment in that time. Google is finally ready to show off some Android Go devices at MWC next week.


Google will begin certifying Android devices for business use

Feb 22nd - The big hurdle to overcome with Android for business is the sheer volume of devices in the wild. It’s hard to ensure consistency and steady updates, which are crucial for security. Google will recommend specific devices that meet requirements for business.


Google is bringing AMP support to Gmail

Feb 15th - The feature is aptly named “AMP for Email,” which means it can be used for more than just Gmail. Developers will be able to make emails “more interactive and engaging.”