Feb 7th, 2018 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 1:53 pm

Google is a massive company that has eggs in many different baskets. Hardware, software, music, books, movies, and of course, search. The next basket could be a streaming game service like PlayStation Now or NVIDIA GeForce Now. The service is being referred to internally right now as “Yeti” and we don’t know a ton about it.

According to rumors, Google is testing hardware right now and it might also stream to Chromecast. Here’s the problem: this service was allegedly planned to launch last year. Obviously, that didn’t happen. These rumors are the first we’re hearing about it. Google may have already abandoned the idea completely.

It’s always possible that Google could surprise everyone with an announcement at I/O this year. For now, though, it seems you’re better off sticking with an established platform. Would you be interested in a game streaming service from Google?

[via The Information]

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