Feb 13th, 2018

Google made a big splash in the smartphone world back in October of 2016 when they announced the Pixel. This was a huge step for Google. They had previously worked closely with OEMs on Nexus devices, but the Pixel was their first real smartphone. Last year, Google kept the train rolling with the Pixel 2. The big question on everyone’s mind is how have these Pixel phones been selling?

Research firm IDC’s Francisco Jeronimo reports that Google shipped 3.9 million Pixel and Pixel 2 phones in 2017. We don’t know exactly how the sales break down by device. It’s worth noting that the Pixel 2 was only available for 3 months of 2017. Still, the numbers are not very impressive. Apple sells more iPhones than that in one week.

While those numbers may not seem mind-blowing, it is an improvement over the previous year. Google’s share of the U.S. phone market has gone up from 1.8% to 2.8%. Google was never going to be able to compete with Apple and Samsung overnight. It will take years of great devices and heavy marketing to make a dent. Google just has to keep making great phones and hope the sales will follow.

[via The Verge]

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