Emoji 11.0 will add 157 new emoji, including superheroes, curly hair, and cupcake


Have you ever wondered who decides what emoji we get? Emoji are created by the Unicode Consortium. Every so often they release an update with new emoji. The last update included more faces, a vampire, winter clothes, a T-Rex, and much more. The next release, Emoji 11.0, has just been finalized. We will be getting 77 new emoji (157 if you include multiple skin tones).

Some of the most notable emoji include redheads, superhero and supervillain, a roll of toilet paper, cupcake, teddy bear, skateboard, and many more. The full list of new emoji can be found here. We don’t know how manufacturers like Google, Samsung, and Apple will customize these yet. Look for these new emoji to hit phones later this year.

Joe Fedewa
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