Google is working on a web interface for Android Messages


An important part of every messaging app is cross-platform compatibility. Messaging apps are some of the most often-used apps in our lives, so it’s critical that they’re available everywhere. Most of the popular services, such as Facebook Messenger and iMessage, have some sort of method for people to use them on PCs. Allo recently received this feature and now Android Messages could follow.

Android Messages is Google’s default SMS/text messaging app. Version 2.9 is rolling out now and the folks at Android Police have torn into it. The biggest discovery is groundwork being laid for a web interface. It will share the same setup and principle as Allo for the web. You visit the website on your PC, scan a QR code to sync with your phone, and then you’re good to go.

This is a pretty big deal because it’s the first step toward a true iMessage-like experience. Allo is a great app with tons of useful features, but it will never be as ubiquitous as SMS (at least in the U.S.). Giving Android Messages a web interface transforms it from an old standard to something a little more modern. Instead of trying to pry people away from SMS, Google is doubling down on it.

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