Google holds off on device encryption requirements for a later version of Android, but why?

Mar 2nd - Many of the newest handsets to launch and ones introduced at Mobile World Congress are found to have no device encryption despite a recent requirement laid forth by Google. So what, exactly, is going on? Find out inside.

HTC makes getting help easier with the One M9 [VIDEO]

Mar 2nd - Here’s a useful new feature of the HTC One M9 that most seasoned Android users might overlook: a revamped Help app with built-in device diagnostics. HTC has always made an effort to provide users with an easily accessible way to troubleshoot their device and find help for common problems, but their latest effort goes above and beyond.

Here are all the HTC One M9 Themes in one place

Mar 2nd - One of the coolest new features of the HTC One M9 is the all-new theming capability. Well... we've gathered every single theme currently found on the HTC One M9 for this gallery from Mobile World Congress.

“Android Pay” likely to be introduced as a full-blown wireless payments platform at Google I/O

Mar 2nd - Google Wallet in the now slightly pales in comparison to Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, but Android Pay will hopefully look to change that. Google's Sundar Pichai confirmed plans to introduce the new payments platform in 2015.

How to create custom themes on the HTC One M9 [VIDEO]

Mar 2nd - The HTC One M9 comes with a bunch of pre-installed themes out of the box, but if you're not a fan of those you can create your own. In fact, Sense 7 can create a personalized theme for you.

Google’s Sundar Pichai confirms plans to launch an MVNO wireless carrier and their motive behind it

Mar 2nd - Before we had our bit of morning fun over at the Android booth, Google's Sundar Pichai -- who heads the Chrome and Android teams -- took to the stage at the Mobile World Congress opening keynote. One of the more interesting bits to spawn from it? Word that Google is, in fact, looking to become a wireless carrier.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Fingerprint Scanner is now as good as the iPhone 6 [VIDEO]

Mar 2nd - Not to be outdone by Apple, Samsung also introduced a fingerprint scanner in 2013. It didn't work nearly as well, but they finally fixed that in the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Watch the Samsung Galaxy S6 press conference in 60 seconds [VIDEO]

Mar 2nd - Not able to catch Samsung's 45 minute unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? Thankfully the company has condensed the entire event down into a 60 second highlight reel.

Qualcomm’s 3D fingerprint scanner could finally allow Samsung to ditch physical home buttons [VIDEO]

Mar 2nd - Qualcomm's CyanogenMod partnership and the new Snapdragon 820 are nice, but even more exciting is their new 3D-based fingerprint scanner that opens up an entirely new world of possibilities.

Watch this: Samsung’s new screen-off animation in slow motion [VIDEO]

Mar 2nd - We've been curious to see if Android manufacturers use the new Lollipop animations. On the Samsung Galaxy S6 we decided to tweak the animations to their slowest speed and check it out.

Watch us get Androidified at MWC 2015

Mar 2nd - Androidifying yourself is nothing new. The app has existed for quite some time and Google continues to utilize the resulting Android caricatures in advertising and media. At MWC 2015 Google is inviting all attendees to Androidify themselves, offering custom badges and tote bags to commemorate the experience.

A look at the new “Edge Screen” features on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge [VIDEO]

Mar 2nd - The original Galaxy Note Edge was Samsung’s first attempt at a curved edge display. It could be used as a ruler, or to display a stopwatch, flashlight, sports scores, app shortcuts, and more. The idea was cool, but the execution was not there yet. With the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge they’ve put the curved display on […]

Hands-on with Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 Edge cases

Mar 2nd - The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge offers a unique new form factor, so it goes without saying we will see some interesting cases for the new flagship. Samsung will offer a few options out of the gate, including a new take on their flip cover case as well as a lightweight plastic shell case.

Galaxy S6 vs iPhone 6: camera sample comparison

Mar 2nd - We’ve already seen how the Samsung Galaxy S6 compares to the iPhone 6 in terms of its physical attributes, but we wanted to get an even better idea of how the two devices stacked up in terms of performance. Using what we had on hand, we put the camera of each phone to the test.

Cyanogen gets a new look, a new tone and a new business partner in Qualcomm

Mar 2nd - It's no secret Cyanogen could use a change of pace and scenery after the company's public falling out with OnePlus One and the controversy that spawned of the Micromax deal in India, and that's why their new look and tone are a much-needed change of pace.