TORRAS Ostand Power Bank adds a kickstand to your phone!


Power banks are a dime a dozen and there are so many to choose from you might be finding it hard to make a decision. Most power banks are simple in the sense that they’re basically an extension of your phone’s battery, nothing more, nothing less. But if you want something that can offer a bit more functionality, then the TORRAS Magnetic Portable Charger could be the perfect accessory for you.

Slim and portable

Unlike some power banks, the TORRAS Magnetic Portable Charger is pretty small and slim. It measures a mere 0.45-inches thick which makes it incredibly easy to slip into your backpack or pocket. It is also built using an aluminum alloy frame that allows it to be pretty light.

This is also thanks to the use of high-density lithium cobalt oxide cells. This allows TORRAS to create a power bank that’s 50% smaller compared to other similar power banks. These are important aspects to consider especially since the charger itself supports MagSafe/Qi2. This means that if you want a magnetic charger attachment for your phone without the weight and bulk, this could be a good call. We’ll be getting into that particular feature in a minute.

In addition to being slim and portable, the power bank also comes with a 360-degree rotating kickstand. If you like watching videos and hate holding it up all the time, this kickstand will come in handy. It can be rotated 360-degrees which means that if you want to prop your phone up in landscape for videos, or prop it up vertically for video calls, you can.

TORRAS claims that they have tested the durability of the kickstand’s opening and closing mechanism over 30,000 times, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking off anytime soon.

MagSafe compatible

One of the key features of the TORRAS Magnetic Portable Charger that we like is that it’s MagSafe compatible. If you own an iPhone that supports MagSafe, you just need to pop it on the back and you can start charging!

But what about Android users? Thankfully, as MagSafe started to gain popularity, accessory makers have started to create magnet-supported accessories. If you own one of those, you can use this power bank with it too. Also, another thing worth noting, is that because Apple helped with the design of Qi2, phones that support Qi2 wireless charging will be able to use this power bank as well.

This is because the Qi2 standard incorporates the use of magnets in a similar fashion as MagSafe. You should be good as long as your phone (or phone case) supports Qi2.

TORRAS has also chosen to use Halbacy magnets. This offers a strong magnetic force supporting up to 1.2kg, so you don’t have to worry about the power bank falling off your phone.

Long-lasting battery

The battery of the TORASS Ostand Power Bank has a 10,000mAh capacity. This should be eough to charge the average phone nearly two times if it’s fully depleted.  If you’re someone who uses their phone heavily, you don’t have to worry about battery life with this power bank.

If you’re concerned about safety, that’s also something you won’t have to worry about. TORRAS has a comprehensive safety system built into the power bank. This includes features like temperature control, overcharge protection, and short circuit protection. It also uses graphene technology for better heat efficiency.

The part of the power bank making contact with your phone is also made using nano-silica gel material. This allows for a softer and gentler docking if you’re concerned about bumps or scratches.

Pricing & availability

If you think that the TORRAS Magnetic Portable Charger could be the perfect accessory for you, you can grab it from their Amazon store for $59.99. While there might be cheaper power banks available, we think that the features this power bank offers along with its slim and stylish design makes it great value for money.

TORRAS is also offering customers worry-free 180-day warranty, so if there are any issues, you’re covered. So, what are you waiting for?

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