Google Search hands-free messaging supports more apps, now shows busiest times for places/business

Jul 28th - Amidst all the Motorola madness going around today, Google took to their blog to announce some new features headed to Search. Google Search will now show you the busiest times for places and businesses, and hands-free messaging supports more apps.

Qualcomm’s wireless charging solution is better, faster, stronger, than Qi – and now it goes through metal

Jul 28th - Qualcomm's been developing their own wireless charging solution for awhile now called WiPower. Today, they've made a new development that makes it even more convenient than ever before -- WiPower can finally go through metal.

Where was the Moto 360 (2015) today? Well, it may have just passed through the FCC

Jul 28th - It strangely wasn't on the bill today during Motorola's big Moto X/G event, but we still have hopes that Motorola is building a sequel to last year's Moto 360 and that it's coming soon. How soon? Well, check out this mysterious Motorola smartwatch that just passed through the FCC...

Moto X Style / Pure Edition camera review sees high scores, ties with the Galaxy Note 4

Jul 28th - Motorola can tell us all day about their camera improvements in the Moto X Style / Pure Edition, but it helps to see something from a more objective source. A new review sees the phone getting high marks, just under the Galaxy S6/Edge, tying the Galaxy Note 4 for second place.

There are 126 possible Moto Maker combinations for the Moto X Style, and here’s a look at a few of them

Jul 28th - Wondering what some of the color options for the Moto X Style will look like when you order through Moto Maker? We got a close look at some of the options Motorola had on hand at today's event.

PSA: The Moto X Style will be rebranded as the ‘Moto X Pure Edition’ in the US

Jul 28th - Motorola sort of threw everyone for a loop when they officially announced this year's flagship as the "Motorola Moto X Style." Turns out, the phone will be known as the Motorola Moto X Pure Edition (2015) but only in the US.

The Moto X Style feels as good as it looks [VIDEO]

Jul 28th - Wondering whether the Moto X Style will look and feel as good in your hands as it does in its official press renders? Worry no more. We went hands on with the thing and can tell you Motorola really didn't spare any expenses when it came to the Moto X Style's design.

[Update] PSA: Despite website error, Moto X Style does have LTE Band 13 and will work on Verizon

Jul 28th - Motorola's website says the Moto X Style won't have support for Verizon's most predominate LTE band, but that's not true!

Moto G (2015) vs Moto G (2014): worth the upgrade?

Jul 28th - One of the three devices Motorola announced today was the next generation of Moto G. The Moto G hasn't changed a lot since the first generation, but Motorola has slowly improved it every time.

Motorola unveils the Moto Surround and Moto Pulse, a pair of Bluetooth headphones

Jul 28th - Alongside a bunch of new phones today, Motorola has announced a pair of Bluetooth headphones that could go nicely with them. It's the Moto Surround and Moto Pulse, and they'll deliver wireless tunes, hands-free calling and voice actions for $69.99 and $59.99, respectively.

Moto X Style vs iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6 vs Nexus 6 [CHART]

Jul 28th - The Moto X Style (yes, that's the new name) has been officially announced. We always like to compare the newest Android phones to the other latest and greatest mobile devices on the block.

Official: Everything you need to know about the Moto X Style, Moto X Play and Moto G 2015

Jul 28th - Motorola's press event is going on right now, and they've just revealed not one, but two brand new models of the Moto X -- the Style, and the Play. We also get official word on the all new Moto G 2015.

We’re Live from Motorola’s press event in NYC, here’s how you can follow along at 9AM Eastern

Jul 28th - Today's the day, folks. After OnePlus's big moment in the sun yesterday, it's Motorola's turn to unveil their plans for 2015. They're doing so at an event over in the Great Apple city of New York, and we'll be front and center to bring you all the latest that comes out of it.

DEAL: 50% off during HTC Summer Sale

Jul 28th - Summer is starting to wind down, back-to-school is starting to gear up, and to help lighten the pain of those cold/hard facts, HTC is giving us a reason to celebrate: deals.

Hands-on with OxygenOS 2.0 on the OnePlus 2 [VIDEO]

Jul 27th - The OnePlus 2 is the first phone to launch with OxygenOS out of the box. As usual, OnePlus boasted a lot about the greatness of their own OS. We were able to test it for ourselves to see if it lives up to the hype.