Three OnePlus 2 variants stop at Bluetooth SIG, one of which has 4GB of RAM


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This is odd. Three different variants of the OnePlus 2 have shown up for approval at the Bluetooth SIG. We’ve got the A2001, A2003 and A2005 on tap.

Our first guess is that these could be phones with three different storage capacities, or perhaps different modems for different regions. Unfortunately those questions won’t be easy to answer until these things start popping up in the wild.

What we do know, though, is that one of the models — the A2003, to be exact — was recently spotted over at GeekBench with 4GB of RAM. With OnePlus’s whole “Never Settle” motto we wouldn’t put the use of 4GB of RAM outside the realm of possibility for the OnePlus 2.

For what it’s worth, the benchmark confirms that it sports a Qualcomm octa-core chipset, though it curiously shows clock speeds of up to 1.55GHz, which we know is close to the top-end clock speed of 1.6GHz that the four Cortex-A53 cores inside the Snapdragon 810 (which was recently confirmed to be inside the OnePlus 2) boast.

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It’s possible that was either a configuration error or the benchmark simply hasn’t been updated to properly read the chipset. Whatever the case may be, things are happening and we’re inching closer to that big late July reveal that should answer any and every question we have once and for all.

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