Nest has something new to show off June 17th, but what?


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Nest is gearing up to make their first big announcement since being acquired by Google (and since snapping up Dropcam). It happens June 17th, which is only a short week and a half from now. So what is it?

They didn’t go into detail on their official invitation, of course, but trusted sources close to the situation have revealed to us the company’s likely plans. Nest will apparently look to refresh their current product line — which includes the Learning Thermostat, the Protect Fire + CO2 Alarm, as well as Dropcam — with new hardware.

The details are scarce, but we’ve at least heard that the thermostat will be a few millimeters thinner than the current model. But the refresh isn’t just to usher in a new good look. The company will build the three products in a way that makes sure they all harmonize with each other, so the Thermostat, Dropcam and Protect can work under the same umbrella.

This functionality will be driven by a new app that combines the functionality of all three into one nice package, though details on how they would work together weren’t shared. We also know that the Nest Thermostat will have a faster processor which will naturally make for a smoother user interface.

One interesting thing to stay on the lookout for is some sort of voice control. If you didn’t know, Nest recently sought to hire audio engineers, which we’re hoping was to facilitate development of some sort of Amazon Echo-like competitor. Of course, it’s just as likely that they could be looking to beef up Dropcam audio. All will be told June 17th so be sure to circle back to make sure you’re kept in the loop.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. They haven’t even added “cast” to the dropcam app.
    How about starting with something basic?

    1. I’d be down with that.

  2. we just upgraded our heat pump a month ago and are controlling it with a new nest. next item on the agenda is a new smoke alarm. guess we’ll wait and see now, hope it’s backward compatible with our nest. with our new hybrid heat pump and the nest the whole setup amortizes in 5 years in energy savings. our electricity bill dropped 12% this month.

  3. I want them to bring back the idea of DropCam Tabs. I want to completely replace my home alarm hardware and the last piece is door, window, and movement alarms.

  4. I would love to see a Drop Cam product designed for exterior use. I want to put one at my front and rear doors, but, they’re not exactly weatherproof at this point.

    1. This would make a lot of sense and was the first thing I thought of.

  5. I am going to guess its some form of automatic home security/door lock that can be opened closed with NFC or something similar and works on the WiFi network, etc

  6. They could also have their own smart lighting solution, or better integration platform for other companies lights, really though it seems like software might have to wait till2016 when Brillo and weave are in full effect

  7. My guess is that they will release the tabs they were working on before Google bought them. Also I would love to see a video doorbell with wifi etc like Ring.

  8. Time to pull the trigger on that Nighthawk X6 router

    1. Lmao that thing looks like it’s about to transform into a hexacopter drone….although that extra height might improve your Wi-Fi range… Also that thing has like circa 2011 smartphone specs, I hope you and your 256 WiFi devices are happy with it

      1. Tri-band router so you can run devices like this on the dual 5GHz channels.

    2. Sorry, Asus RT-AC3200

      1. I can’t decide between the two. What makes you think the Asus is better

        1. I currently have the AC68P. This is also my second Asus router ad I removed an older one. I’ve always had great results with there units. So why change a good thing.

          I use it with my laptop mostly which has an Intel 7260 AC card. They do very well together

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