Jun 5th, 2015

6 greater than 6 samsung iphone

We’re just going to have to face it by now: Samsung will always take shots at Apple, because people will always compare their products to Apple’s. The trend continues in the latest series of advertisements released by the South Korean company.

The theme is that “6 is greater than 6,” which we know is not mathematically accurate. But Samsung, of course, is referring to their Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge being greater than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+.

The first add ridicules the bitten fruit company for not having an Edge display, which is nary a knock on Apple considering no one else is doing such a thing. The other shames Apple for lack of wireless charging, as well as not having a front-facing camera with a wider angle.

Many will be quick to chastise Samsung for continuing their barrage of attacks on Apple, but these ads are actually tame compared to the stuff Samsung was doing a mere couple of years ago. The simple “our phone does this one thing better than that phone” approach is effective, yet not petty enough that they deserve some flack. Anyway, the videos are sitting above if you’re curious.