Samsung takes more shots at Apple in new “6 > 6” ad campaign [VIDEO]


6 greater than 6 samsung iphone

We’re just going to have to face it by now: Samsung will always take shots at Apple, because people will always compare their products to Apple’s. The trend continues in the latest series of advertisements released by the South Korean company.

The theme is that “6 is greater than 6,” which we know is not mathematically accurate. But Samsung, of course, is referring to their Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge being greater than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+.

The first add ridicules the bitten fruit company for not having an Edge display, which is nary a knock on Apple considering no one else is doing such a thing. The other shames Apple for lack of wireless charging, as well as not having a front-facing camera with a wider angle.

Many will be quick to chastise Samsung for continuing their barrage of attacks on Apple, but these ads are actually tame compared to the stuff Samsung was doing a mere couple of years ago. The simple “our phone does this one thing better than that phone” approach is effective, yet not petty enough that they deserve some flack. Anyway, the videos are sitting above if you’re curious.

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The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I never get tired of shots at apple.

  2. Whether or not their phones deserve the attention, the ads keep them in the spotlight. Every time Samsung releases a commercial you can count on every Apple site to post articles dissecting it along with a barrage of comments from regular posters spewing hatred of all things Samsung. Compare to the other Android manufactures who generate negligible attention for themselves. I think Samsung should just continue doing what they’re doing as long as the Apple shills keep taking the bait.

  3. “Apple fans dont mind living in world of 2010 tech because we are snobby pricks” Steve Jobs

  4. I own a S6 Edge and I am about to get rid of it because what it brings to the table isn’t worth the headaches. I didn’t expect this many bugs with Wi-Fi Calling and VOLTE draining battery life, aggressive RAM management, screen flickering with trying to unlock the device, etc. Couple that with the lack of battery life and you have a phone that hardly gets any SOT. I am looking to get another device that doesn’t involve carrier interference with updates. Samsung being slow + being on T-Mobile after the Note 4 issues with Lollipop, it’s time to move away from relying on them for updates. What use is it to have cool extras if the phone doesn’t last long enough?

    I think I might try out the 6+, Nexus 6, or some Moto phone because carriers can be quite annoying. Oh well, at least I have my Moto G for a better user experience.

    1. There is an unexpected surprise in having a Nexus device. I have been a Samsung Note fan and considered the Note 4. The Nexus 6 came out and I tried it. Getting the newest software and staying up-to-date has been so much fun. I’m usually a hardware gal, but Nexus is making me appreciate the software side. I bought the Nexus 6 directly from Google and their support has been so responsive I’d call it easy.

      1. Does it get wifi calling on T-Mobile too?

        1. HeatFan786, u had issues with your Note 4 after the lollipop update? Wow! I’m with T-Mobile, I have the Note 4, and has Lollipop. Lollipop is flawless, phone is great and no problems with my WiFi calling either. This is the truth. Its been said, when some phones are having issues, its because of the user. But if u want timely updates and such, go with the Nexus 6. A very nice phone.

          1. Nope, I had issues waiting for the update. I sold the Note 4 prior to Lollipop. I got the S6 shortly after.

    2. Nexus 6 is the way to go man! the latest update has gotten rid of all of the hiccups! =)

      1. I have to relook at it because when I tried it, I felt it was way too big.

        1. I cant argue that point….I can tell you this though, I have small hands and it took me about 4 months to get used to it. Now I cant imagine going back. Maybe wait it out for the next lineups later this year???

          1. HeatFan786 has an Edge now. Going from an Edge to a Nexus 6 will only take a few days to adjust. The Nexus 6 is 82.98mm wide compared to the Edge 82.4mm.
            I’m 5’2″, been called petite and I have no problem using the N6. Mind you, I have no phobia about using 2 hands.

          2. I am on your page with not minding using both hands. Agree with all of that, u are right, the time it will take to adjust should not be too long!

          3. I already sold the S6 Edge. I am just using a Moto G for now. $500 for the Nexus 6 has my interest though.

      2. Nexus 6 has too many issues. I got the HTC M9. Much happier

        1. the Nexus 6 does not have any issues?? I go about 2 days on my battery, the speakers are awesome and right on par with the M8 and Z4 (youtube video’s are a plenty for proof), camera beats almost every phone but the Note 4 in blind tests, I have no memory leak, force close issues or reboots with the 5.1.1 update. In fact, its SMOOTHER, snappier and the battery is lasting me about 30-45 minutes longer than before. What you are saying might be on the predicate that the original lollipop release had issues, so its a bit outdated thinking. I dont mean that with any hostility.

          1. I went through 2 separate Nexus 6s with the same issues. Im glad the update helped you. Never needed an update to improve my HTC ONE experience, and ive had 3 of them. I should have waited for an HTC Nexus. Ill never stray again. No hostility taken dude. To each his own :-)

          2. I know people who have HTC’s LOVE their HTC’s. I’m a camera guy and cant get past the bad reviews when it comes to them. I’ll be honest though, every phone released is usually the first on my list to read about. I’m always hoping they come out with something that will gain my attraction because they are beautiful phones.

          3. Its only bad reviews. Ive used many HTC cameras going back to the original HTC G1 with Google. Never had a bad experience, camera wise. Never had that supposed “pink tinge” with the M7, or the color washout with the M8, and the M9 had been spectacular. Reviews are rarely unbiased, the reviewer always throws their bias onto whatever theyre testing. All i can say is test drive an HTC , specifically the M9, try out the camera instead of reading reviews. Its worth it.

      3. Okay my friend got the nexus 6, hated it simply for its large size, and now hates all Androids for that ._.

    3. The aggressive ram management is the only thing you list that I can agree with. I consistently get 4-5 hours SOT with all features activated and heavy use and maybe 10 or 11 hours total battery life. I have no issues with screen flickering, or WiFi calling/VoLTE, or anything else for that matter. Sounds like.maybe you got a dud… Or you are the dud.

    4. I am getting near 5 SOT.

      1. 5 hours screen on time? Really? I barely get that on my DROID Turbo.

        Of course, I forgot that no 2 people will get the same battery life (too many variables). In any case, I would love to know your secret.

        1. dont worry chris, i’m calling shenanigans too. My Nexus 6 farts winning lottery tickets.

          1. HTC.

        2. I use it mostly indoors with min level brightness without any gaming and running loads of apps. This is my secret i guess.

    5. Um there is a like five minute video entitled “how to improve galaxy s6 edge battery life” (though it will work for almost anything) and I agree with Moshin, I can go 48 hours with ~5.5 hours SOT on my S6 now.

      1. Already got rid of the S6. On a 6 Plus now. Don’t worry, still own a Moto G for my fill of Android.

    6. Also with Sprint I can delete built in apps but I’m not sure T-Mobile is the worst with bloat it’s terrible.

  5. Apple needs to upgrade the next iPhone with at least 2GB DRAM, like what they’ve done with iPad Air 2, to fix the Safari reload issues and overhaul the design for it to keep up with the competition. The iPhone 6 looks pretty bad with the lines on the back and the off-set camera next to the admittedly beautiful S6.

  6. At some point I really do wish they would just talk about their own products. It feels like they’re Taylor Swift who can’t stop talking about the girls who were mean to her. You made it. You’re successful. You’re popular. Just enjoy it.

    You give your competitor so much power because if YOU can’t stop talking about them, they must be doing something you still envy. It was funny in the beginning, but much like the Mac ads where the hipster ragged on the nerdy guy, in the end, the nerd was a lot more likeable because he wasn’t being a douche.

    You created a new product with a look unlike anything else. Let that do your talking for you.

      1. Thanks…. Had no idea Samsung had a website..

        They are still creating commercials and talking about Apple. Was that part unclear in my post?

        1. You did see there was more than one, right? 2-3 alone had nothing to do work Apple.

          1. They are still talking about Apple after all of this time. Since you’re still not getting it, go to the Apple website and post a link to all of the Apple commercials that talk about Samsung. You’re completely missing my point, but I think you know that already.

            At some point, stop trying to diss your competition and just let a good product stand on its own. They are still chasing Apple because they can’t stop talking about them.

            When the S7 comes out, if they are STILL feeling inferior to Apple, they’ll make more commercials doing the same. It was cute when the next big thing came out and the commercials about waiting in line were funny. It’s YEARS later. It just feels pathetic at this point to keep trying so hard.

            There are no Apple or Samsung products in my home. I just find it silly after all of this time. Just make a great product.

  7. That first ad doesn’t even make sense. They could literally say the same thing about the regular Galaxy S6 when compared to the Edge.

  8. Same the ad during the NBA finals last night and laughed. I’m fairly certain a majority of people don’t care about wireless charging or a gimmicky edge screen. Samsung does a lot right, but their selling points are lacking in that ad.

    As for comparing flagships to the iPhone, it’s only because we have a large portion of technologically ignorant people that think Apple is the standard so OEMs have to make such comparisons. Apple definitely was a huge innovator back in the day. Now a days they just keep playing catch-up.

    1. And keep brainwashing most of North America into thinking that their phones are the best phones that ever were or will be made.

      1. Love Apple !!!!Hate Android phones.. the operating system is buggy and cheap

        1. That’s pretty much the result of Apple’s marketing. That attitude also comes from people who used really cheap/crappy Android phones 3-5 years ago and/or phones with Gingerbread or earlier versions on them.

          They expected those devices to run as well as an iPhone. You can’t compare a fresh apple (pun not intended) to somewhat moldy oranges (which do regrettably turn up on occasion) and say that all oranges are bad.

          If you don’t want apples anymore but you don’t know which oranges are good ask a friend who knows about oranges. ?

  9. The never ending inferiority complex continues. Even with a direct copy of the iPhones design, they still bash it in ads. Laughable!

    1. Very true it does seem they have copied design details of the iphone 6 to try and up one on Apple.. but something the Samung will never have is Apple one of a kind operating system.

  10. Flak.

  11. Man I thought the GS6 Edge was cool until I saw that add. It looks so dumb to show that crap on the edge of the screen when you could use your actual full phone screen to look at it.

    Regardless of the pointlessness of Edge, my GS6 Black was ordered through work this week :) Crossing my fingers this RAM management issue gets resolved soon.

  12. At least it’s better than a MacBook ad all about how you can put stickers on it.

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