The first Pebble Time shipments go out May 27th


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Pebble has announced that their revised shipping estimates for the new Pebble Time are still on, and they even have a hard shipping date to prove it — May 27th! That’s a mere 5 days from now, and it shouldn’t be much longer beyond that until it starts arriving on doorsteps.

The team also notes that all Pebble Time backers will have their units manufactured by the end of May, with all backers expected to get tracking numbers for shipments by mid-June. This doesn’t include Pebble Time Steel orders which were originally scheduled to arrive late.

pebble management app

We also get an early look at the Pebble Time management app for Android and iOS, as well as new video demos showing how you organize menus and mange watch faces and apps. One noteworthy improvement in the app is the ability to manage all your apps and watch faces at once, instead of the 8 you were limited to for the previous version of the Pebble.

Speaking of which, the app for Pebble Time will be a standalone app, and the original Pebble app will remain in Google Play for those who won’t be getting the new color screen goodness.

[via Kickstarter]

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  1. arent these going to be $250 bucks?? no thanks. save some cash and go grab the 360. I had the steel and the UI on these are no bueno unless u dig the whole 80s feel…then it might be for you =)

  2. Looks like a kid’s toy.

    1. a $250 dollar toy. but hey, at least it beats a $350 dollar kids toy that Apple made =)

      1. True

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