Photoshop Touch is being discontinued May 28th to make way for the new kids


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Adobe has announced that Photoshop Touch will be discontinued May 28th, after which the apps will cease to exist in mobile app stores everywhere. Those who have bought Photoshop Touch will be able to continue using the app beyond then, though they won’t be able to redownload it unless they back the .APK file up using something like Titanium.

Why’s Adobe doing this? Well, the company recently expressed their intentions to bring more of their latest photo editing suites to Android, such as Photoshop Sketch and Photoshop Mix. These tools combine to give you much of the same functionality you enjoy now, only they are under the new Adobe Creative Cloud banner with collaboration and synchronization tools.

With that, Adobe announced that they are working on a new mobile image retouching tool called Project Rigel. They promise it’ll give you a “serious” retouching experience if you can’t get to a computer to use versatile tools like Photoshop and Lightroom.

Unfortunately Adobe still doesn’t have any specific timelines for any of this stuff, with the company still sticking to their “later in 2015” routine.

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  1. I guess this means they’ll never make photoshop touch work on the note 4.

    I think it’s a bad move unless they come out with a comparable app.
    my reason for using photoshop touch was that it was an actual image editor.
    I don’t want a drawing app or photo tweaker.
    I want drawing, retouching, cropping, moving, and merging all in 1 app because I frequently do all those things on a single image.
    I’m not going to continue using Adobe software if it means having to pull an image through 5 different apps just to turn it into a decent wallpaper.

    1. But then they can’t charge you $600 a piece for 5 different apps if they do it your way.

      I hate Adobe with a passion.

    2. I’m sure there are apps out there that can do what PS does, but I don’t care to search and try any of them…I WANT PHOTOSHOP! I’m comfortable with PS Touch on my phone and tablet because I used it for years on the PC. I am very curious as to what these new apps will do, and how much they will cost. I did pay the $6 for the phone version of PS Touch, but no way in hell am I paying $10 to get a copy of the same app for my tablet. So I just found the “free” tablet version on the interwebz. So I made backups of both .apks using ES File Explorer and threw the 2 copies into DropBox for safe keeping.

      Just curious…what do you mean PS Touch doesn’t work on your Note 4? And which version did you try, the phone or tablet version, or both?

      1. the phone version can’t decide whether i have a 1″ or a 10″ screen.
        the zoom indicator is off by 2/3, sliders are very short, and the “dots” for sliders and resizing respond from an inch away.
        this means anything involving gradients, fading, and resizing is unusable.

        the tablet version runs mostly fine, although zoom is off by 1/2, it can’t run in portrait mode, and it can’t be installed through the play store because the note 4 is not a tablet.

        1. Oh OK. Well if you need the tablet version I could shoot you a link to download it from my DropBox.

          1. I have it, but I’d prefer having a legal phone-friendly version.

  2. For everything else, there’s “PicsArt”.

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