Here’s our first peek at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Iron Man edition, coming “next week”


samsung galaxy s6 edge iron man

When Samsung first teased the Iron Man Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge we’d only gotten a look at a box. A very cool box, mind you, but it was just the box. But today we seem to get our first glimpse at the device itself.

And a “glimpse” is all it is, as there isn’t much that can be seen in this tease of a photo. We get a rear shot of the device, with much of its detail drowned by a strong source of light emanating from the background.

It’s just enough illumination to see that the phone’s rear plate will be coated in a shade of red, with the Iron Man logo shimmering in what would likely be a golden color on top. We can also tell that the accents — particular that of the camera ring’s and the metal bumper of the device — will be shaded some sort of gold (though there’s no telling if this is some sort of paint or real gold plating).

We also get one more tidbit of info from the photo: it’ll be here as soon as next week! It’s worth noting that all this was posted on Samsung’s Korean Facebook page, so it’s possible this launch window pertains to that region alone. Heck, it’s even possible that this unit will be exclusive to South Korea. We’ll have to probe our friends at Samsung to find out more, but in the meantime let us know if you wouldn’t mind owning one of these.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. I thought it was just red and gold. I can do without a mask on the back of my phone :-/

    1. Red and gold would have been fine.

  2. Is ‘awful’ a strong enough word to describe how this looks?

  3. Uhhh…Are these being sold at Toys r Us? Any adult who rolls a smartphone with the Iron Man mask on it needs to grow up and move out of his/her parent’s basement. 30 is the new 13, it seems. I can’t imagine that there are enough people interested in this thing to make it worth producing! Oh….wait….Samsung is getting buckets of money from Marval regardless.

    1. LOL, trust me… I got dudes in my G+ circles who would actually post and brag about scoring a phone like this. I’m not one to pass judgment on them (it’s not my money they’re spending after all), but just like morons who roll through suburbs at 1am with their car stereos blasting, I can’t imagine who they’re trying to impress.

    2. While I like your avatar (saw them live 2 years ago), I disagree. I’m a huge comic and movie nerd, have action figures, books, movies, etc. I am 26 1/2 and living succesfully and comfortably on my own, engaged, and quite active in my social life.

      That being said, if it costs more than a standard S6 Edge, then I’d say its not worth the extra moolah. I wouldn’t pay extra just for something I could add via sticker.

      1. Agree with William. If I was in the market for a new phone this year this may sway me to get an s6. I could do without the sticker on the back but the color scheme could be really cool. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t make it just for kids. And just because adults do like it, doesn’t mean they live with their parents. Way to be the mature one.

  4. Maybe it’ll be good for kids who are 8…and can afford £40 a month,

  5. meh…

    hopefully Marvel/Disney is paying them for the promotion and not the other way around…

    1. It most likely is the other way around.

  6. Unnecessary now that G4 presales opened up. See ya Samsung!

    1. You’re right.. I’m sure the G4 will sell all 10,000 units in one month just like the S6/edge.. Oh wait, sorry, S6 sold 10 million. G4 may sell 1/10 of that! No thank you to the cheap plastic looking phones, keep that garbage to yourself. Once you go premium, you don’t go back

      1. lets touch base in a few weeks?

      2. They didn’t sell 10 million units. Only shipped 10 million units. Big difference

  7. What would be genius is it if the mask was just a sticker you could choose to use and this was their active version and was indestructible

  8. Nerd heaven. You could have had this weeks ago with a red case and a 30 cent sticker.

  9. Besides cosmetics IE color . I wonder what other differences this phone may bring , better camera , different processor ..?

    1. I’ll be shocked if it isn’t just cosmetic.

    2. It will be the exact same phone.

  10. Galaxy S6 available in high battery almost 20 hours in 3G talk time ,11 hours in web browsing and 12 hours video playback

    other extra features Fingerprint sensor (PayPal certified) – Samsung Pay (Visa, MasterCard certified)

    Galaxy s6 available in cbuystore

  11. I think is cool :)

  12. I wonder will they equip it with 128gb flash storage and a mini Arc Reactor for never ending on screen time

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