Samsung starts teasing the Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge on Twitter


galaxy s6 s6 edge ironman

So Samsung might not be looking to bring out an entire collection of Avengers-themed Samsung Galaxy S6 devices (they do have a fleet of cases coming), but we can at least expect an Iron Man Edition to launch. Previous rumors tipped us off to that much and the company confirmed it to Korean press, and now Samsung has started teasing it themselves.

Unfortunately the graphic doesn’t give any other hints, such as when it’s scheduled to arrive or how much it’ll cost. All we get is an ominous “coming soon” note, and a box with a glow bright enough to make any cat curious.

Iron Man edition Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

We’ve already gotten an idea of how a Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge would look draped in Iron Man colors thanks to the conceptual work of one enthusiastic designer. This may not be the design Samsung ends up going with, but it gives us a good idea of what to expect — and if it’s anything close to the aforementioned render we’d say there’s plenty to be excited about.

[via Twitter]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. that is pretty slick….I’m glad you dont have something cheesy on the back

  2. Just curious as to why they didn’t design this thing to be an “Active” type phone? I mean that would have been perfect marketing IMO. They can still offer the Red/Gold Combo.

    1. Because we have yet to see anything about an active edge, just the S6 Active.

      1. Well right, but I am saying.. Make an “Active Ironman Edition”.. when it becomes available. ;) It’s got to be close enough to shipping for AT&T.

  3. Bust out that green Galaxy SS before the LG comes out. I’m not waiting much longer…

  4. So, is the plan to release new phones instead of updating the software on the old ones? I understand that carriers are a PITA but I’d like, for a change, not to be screwed as an early adopter…

    1. That doesn’t make to much sense. This phone will run the same software that the normal edge does, so it’s not taking resources away from any programmers, you just have designers sending new color combos to who ever makes the case and your done.

    2. Part of being an early adopter is that we test the waters. This is what happens. This is part of the job. Being an early adopter is almost like being a volunteer. What do you get for volunteer work? A good word.

      These are things to happen to early adopters. You get something brand new, don’t expect it to last. Just look at 1st gen smart watches and the 2nd Gen is already hardware-wise different: adding Wifi support.

      Now, I’m also assuming you’ve gotten a device that was a first of it’s kind, like the Galaxy S6 Edge or the Note Edge, and not a phone that came out years ago. ._.

  5. I hope there is a regular version too

    1. You can’t mean a Galaxy S6 Edge without the Iron Man design? Or are you having one of those days? LoL!!

      1. Ha.. No, an iron man version of the Galaxy S6. (non edge)

  6. I may consider this not that the ATT version has root. the wife loves her s6 edge

    1. ***now

  7. For being “iron man” themed it should have more function and toughness than the standard s6, like sd card slot and waterproof. Simply a red variant is cool looking but stil not worth what they are charging for these things.

  8. The voice when the phone speaks to you better sound like J.A.R.V.I.S. ;)

    1. Oh hell yes! ?

      1. U again

        1. Don’t understand why you’d have a problem with me approving of what the guy said.

          1. Don’t sass me Durin…

          2. Not sassing you. Just don’t understand what you didn’t like about what I said or how I said it. Peace. ✌

          3. LOL

  9. It’s the briefcase from Pulp Fiction….

  10. They should have made the button look more like an arc reactor.

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