Samsung confirms a special ‘Iron Man’ edition Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge is in the works


Iron Man edition Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

This is a fan created concept render and not the actual product

Outside of a handful of Avenger style themes available in their Galaxy S6 Theme Store (and a brief Galaxy S6 cameo in the new Age of Ultron movie), Samsung hasn’t really done much with their Marvel partnership. But according to the South Korean press, Samsung could soon leverage it in new ways.

According to South Korean press, Samsung mobile marketing chief Lee Young-hee confirmed during a movie screening that they will be putting together an Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to tie-in with the movie’s release. It’s still too early to know exactly what they have in mind, but they did mention the color “red” will play a major part in the design. We can only hope they look as flashy as those fan-created renders someone put together a few weeks back.

The phone is due out sometime in June, so it’s still a ways out. Kinda odd that they waited until after the movie has been out for several weeks before jumping on this, but at least something is coming. For any comic-book nerds out there, you might wanna hold off on picking up a Galaxy S6 in the meantime. Don’t worry, the phone isn’t going anywhere.

[Korea Times]

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  1. A Man of Steel one would be more awesome. Though this is cool nonetheless.

    1. I think War Machine would be hella dope (silver sides, dark grey front/back).

      1. So dope just thinking about that.

      2. Yeah, but more so because a dark blue and dark maroon color way would be dope. And cuz MoS is my favorite comic book movie. :P

  2. I think i’m a nerd now because I find this thing friggin badass. Minus the wallpaper.

  3. I bet they have multiple marvel super hero themed ones. I like the red and gold. Not getting anything until I see s6 memory usage bug is fixed. Pry wont get one period at the current price points either. G4 is looking like my next phone.

    1. The memory bug isn’t device related. It’s an issue with lollipop which has been fixed in 5.1. A lot of flagships and other devices have been running into similar memory leak issues.

  4. Not a fan of gold or red but this is badass.

  5. Best looking S6 variant so far in my opinion.

  6. Great. When are they coming out with the ‘Decent Battery Life Edition’ ? :P

    1. They addressed this edition. It’s called the ‘Wireless Charging Edition’.

      1. More like the ‘Tethered To Your Charger for $700+ Edition’.

    2. Yep, wireless or fast charge doesn’t cut it.. Do not want to have to connect phone to any charger period until the evening hours.. Note 4 dope in that regard..

  7. I hate samsung and could care less about Iron Man….. but that is one sweet looking device.

    1. couldn’t*

      1. Litre*

  8. That looks too good. I would sell my regular S6 and buy this in a heartbeat.

  9. It would be nice if they used an arc-reactor to improve the dismal battery life.

  10. Samsung and Marvel teamed up to make a 2 part Avenger movie! Check them out here:
    Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0vk87z3sPA
    Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aY8lsblffo4

  11. Too late with this one Samsung. I am as well still waiting for the Green edge to have a release in the US. If this doesn’t happen by early June LG it is for me..

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